1. CONNIE says

    When my son comes home with his duffle bag full of laundry, I always add vinegar to his loads. He has had them in his duffle bag for GOD only knows how long, plus he smokes so the vinegar removes both smoke and mildewy odors.

  2. Kristen says

    So…I always leave the clothes in the washer and they get that smell. GREAT video! You can add a SUBSCRIBE annotation directly on your YOU TUBE video so people can click your video and subscribe too!

    • Kalyn Brooke says

      Thanks, Kristen! I really appreciate that tip — Yay for YouTube making it so easy to subscribe!

  3. Pamela VanAernum says

    Another tip is to make sure your towels are COMPLETELY dry before you fold them & put them away. Even if they comne out of the dryer smelling nice & fresh smelling. If they are just the slights bit damp they will begin to smell all over again as they sit!

    • Kalyn Brooke says

      I’m so glad you mentioned this! Towels take forever to dry, and you’re right, they get really smelly if they are even just a little wet!

  4. Kim says

    I was wondering if you could just add the vinegar directly to the load of laundry that has been sitting in the washer for too long and rewash?

  5. Linda Karsemeyer says

    I didn’t know about the vinegar thanks. I do know that hot water and a half cup of baking soda makes towels fresher since it helps get all the detergent rinsed out and of course I never use fabric softener on towels.

  6. darcy Burnham-Gain says

    I was re-acquainted with this tip when I was taking care of my mum that had Alzheimer’s. There was just never enough hours in the day to do or remember everything. Did you also know that Vinegar takes the urine smell out of bed linens and clothes? Again, don’t forget to use the hot water setting on your washing machine for this too. Most of your followers are probably younger and didn’t use diapers for their children. I remember being asked by my Mum to take my brother’s dirty diapers and put them into the diaper pail that was full of hot water and vinegar and there they would sit until Mum had a chance to do the laundry.

  7. Angie says

    I have some tablecloths that have a rancid oil smell to them and have done the vinegar wash several time and has not worked. Any other suggestions?

  8. Sue says

    I have always used hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle to remove mildew odors. I use about a 1/2 cup in the wash cycle. It’s color safe and is very inexpensive. I get it at Costco in the Pharmacy. It will also get rid of the stink in front loading washers.

  9. Jen says

    I have experienced stinky towels as well. I have a front loader washer and I recently cleaned the rubber around the door and clean a lot of mold, Yuk! I read somewhere out on cyber space that using bleach once a week helps mold from building in the machine. So when I our bed sheets, which are all white, I add some bleach and I do have to say that I haven’t had any stinky towel since. I also add vinegar from time-to-time.

    • Kalyn Brooke says

      Great tip, Jen! I have heard that front load washing machines can be tough to keep clean, sounds like you’ve made a great solution.

  10. Laura says

    i add a 1/2 cup of vinegar to all my loads of laundry instead of fabric softener… it also softens all my clothing.
    also if having a front loader always dry rubber gasket after real good and leave door open or ajar. this will stop a lot of the moldy smell…. and once a month in empty machine wash with hot water and 1 cup of bleach.. then another with just hot water… be sure to dry gasket and door after and leave door open…

  11. BONNIE says

    I put the vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. All my clothes comes out of the dryer soft and fresh.

    • Kalyn Brooke says

      I bet your fabric softener dispenser doesn’t get all grimy and gooey either! 🙂

  12. Todd L says

    I put 1/4 cup of oxyclean and a detergent pod in with every load…. i can leave clothes in for 3-4 days before switching and NEVER have the mildew smell. if i forget for longer…. or make the mistake i made recently in that i did laundry right before vacation…. I just run the load again with borax, dry it. and rewash with the oxyclean/pod and it is fresh as ever.

  13. Martin says

    I just read a lengthy description of why I should watch a video with the answer in it.

    You could have saved us both some time and written about how to get the mold smell away rather than watch a video.

  14. Lisa Manygoats says

    Where do I go for You tube and what site do I go if I need to buy the laundry soap you put in?

  15. Andrea Daniel says

    Thanks for this. I bought a beautiful silk and cotton sweater at a rummage sale that has taken on a mildew smell. Now I know how to make it wearable again.

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