Bring Balance Back to Your Day

This daily planning page keeps you focused and productive while gently guiding you towards healthier habits.

  • Limit overwhelm by calling out your top 3 tasks
  • Reduce stress with a daily gratitude practice
  • Practice mindfulness with a food log
  • Boost your brain + body with daily workouts

“Thanks to this daily task tracker, I am more productive and much happier. This is an amazing tool for anyone with memory or cognitive issues!

Viv J.
Hi, I’m Kalyn!

List Maker, Productivity Nerd, + Depression Survivor

My mission here (and in life!) is to help women prioritize their mental health through life-giving structure, organization and routines. I know what it’s like to be trapped in a life that runs you instead of the other way around. Let me help you take back control with this daily planning page!

Ready to Prioritize Your Daily Schedule
without Sacrificing Your Health?

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