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Infused Raspberry Lemon Water

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If you`re struggling to meet your daily water goals, you can still hydrate yourself with plenty of flavor using infused water recipes. This Raspberry Lemon Water recipe tastes light and refreshing on a hot Summer day, and would look extra pretty at a party!

Plain water is so yesterday.

At least that’s the feeling I get whenever I see yet another infused water recipe floating around Pinterest. Even though I don’t mind the flavor of plain water {and weirdly prefer it!}, I’ve been wanting to try a winning infused water combination for ages!

This month’s habit gave me the perfect excuse to experiment, and while the flavor is light and refreshing, in all honesty, I’d rather stick to my tap. But for those struggling to meet their daily water goals, and frustrated by the bland nature of water, this infused raspberry lemon water recipe is a much healthier alternative than sugary lemonade or soda.

How to Make Infused Raspberry Lemon Water

Step 1: Place raspberries and lemon into a large mason jar or glass pitcher.

Raspberry Lemon Water | Creative Savings

Step 2: Fill with water and let infuse for 1 hour.

Raspberry Lemon Water | Creative Savings

Step 3: Take out lemons so they don’t make the water too bitter, and continue to infuse with raspberries overnight.

Raspberry Lemon Water | Creative Savings

Step 4: Strain out the raspberries {you can use these later in a smoothie}, add ice if you prefer, then take a refreshing sip!

Raspberry Lemon Water | Creative Savings
Raspberry Lemon Water | Creative Savings

Total Cost: $1.96/batch or $.65/glass

Infused water isn’t the most frugal option, especially since water is free and produce can be expensive, but every now and then, I think it’s fun to switch things up. You could also make this recipe for an extra special party or get-together!

What infused water combinations have you tried?

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