15 Universal Gifts for the Star Wars Nerd

I can’t think of a better Christmas gift than anything and everything Star Wars themed, especially in light of the newest Star Wars movie! This collection of best Star Wars gifts are the perfect option for both kids and adults, and will get everyone in the family to awaken their inner Jedi.

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I can't think of a better Christmas gift than anything and everything Star Wars themed, especially in light of the newest Star Wars movie! This collection of hand-picked Star Wars gifts are the perfect option for both kids and adults, and will get everyone in the family to awaken their inner Jedi. They all come in under $25.00 too!

The entire world is abuzz with the latest Star Wars movie coming out, and I have a feeling this movie has already become the Frozen phenomenon of 2015. It’s kind of hard to ignore all the galaxy-inspired advertisements and toy store aisles purely devoted to the next installation in this iconic series. Who am I kidding though……even I’m excited about this!

I’ve always loved all the Star Wars movies, and get this — Joseph has hardly seen any of them — just a few parts here and there. WHAT!?? I know…..I was pretty shocked too. It almost ended our marriage.

Okay, no, not really, but still, I think you can guess what we’ll be doing each weekend from now until opening day. Yep, a Star Wars marathon is already on the books. Let’s just hope the library has enough copies to go around!

Anyway, I’m getting slightly sidetracked. The whole point is that Star Wars nerds spread across the globe will be clamoring see this movie, and I cannot think of a better Christmas gift than anything and everything Star Wars themed. This collection of hand-picked favorites are the perfect option for both kids and adults, and will get everyone in the family to awaken their inner Jedi!

Oh, and they all come in under $30, too!

1. A Fun Tee

Your typical Star Wars fan loves to wear their fandom on their sleeve… literally. So what better gift than an shirt that screams “I LOVE STAR WARS”? “Come to the Dark Side… we have cookies” or “Soft Wookie, Warm Wookie” may be just what your self-proclaimed geek is secretly hoping for this Christmas. My favorite for sure is this cute Storm Trooper Tee!

Storm Trooper T-Shirt

2. Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia

Since there are so many names and terms thrown around in the movies, help your Star Wars fan keep track of it all with this visual encyclopedia! (This may even help you be able to appreciate their fandom more!)

3. Star Wars Ice Cube Trays

O.M.G. These Ice Cube Trays are an absolute must if your having a Star Wars party, but I’d be willing to bet any die-hard fan would use them all year round. These silicone molds (including a Death Star Mold!) would work just as well for Star Wars chocolates or fun jello shapes too!

4. Star Wars Socks

Star Wars Socks

You won’t hear the disappointed groans of “Aww Mom… Socks again!?” when your teenager tears the wrapping paper off of these tube socks. With 12 different style options you are sure to find the perfect pair. Kids will be dying to show these off once school starts in January!

5. “Endorse the Force” Earrings

There are a lot of proud Star Wars fans among the female population, and while many of these gifts can go for both Guys and Gals, this Rebel Alliance earring sets will help your lovely lady stand out from the crowd.

6. Star Wars & Shakespeare

What do you get for the Star Wars lover who has everything? How about book that turns the beloved story into a Shakespearean play! You have your choice of Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope, The Empire Striketh Back, or The Jedi Doth Return. Reviewers call them “Pure Genius”. In fact 145 (and counting) reviews give it a 5 star rating! You can buy them separately for $12 each. Buy The Trilogy here.


7. Jedi Figure Play Set

Star Wars figurines are the perfect gift for the collector who will, of course, probably keep them in the protective container for years to come! But they’re also a great pick for your 3+ year old child and will keep them entertained for hours.

8. Yeti Tumblers

A Yeti is already an amazing gift, but these fun tumblers take it to the next level with their Star Wars embellishments. The Star Wars fan in your life will be delighted to keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold, all while proudly displaying their undying loyalty to the Force.

9. Wall Decals

Star Wars Wall Decals

Do you have a college student on your list? They may want to decorate their dorm room with all things Star Wars! This set of 31 decals can be put on any smooth surface and can even be removed and re-positioned without leaving any sticky residue.

For your more sophisticated friend or relative, gift a subtle Star Wars accessory to complement their formal attire. These silver toned Darth Vader cuff links display their fandom in classic style.

11. Star Wars PJs

The Star Wars fanatic on your list will love this comfy pair of sweat pants! Perfect for snuggling up on the couch for a movie marathon, and the simple design says “I love Star Wars” without going over the top. The classic Christmas Eve gift!

12. Millennium Falcon Key Chain

Transform everyone’s driving experience with this 1:700 scale steel alloy Millennium Falcon Key Chain. Every time they put their keys in the ignition they won’t be driving a Toyota Prius anymore — they’ll be piloting their own Millennium Falcon…..well, in their imagination at least! This Amazon best seller is not only a steal for $3.20, it may just help you steal the heart of your loved one.

Millennium Falcon Keychain

13. Ceramic Coin Bank

Want to inspire your little ones to save money? They’ll love having R2D2 protect their hard earned cash from the forces of evil with the R2D2 Bank and is a practical gift for the mini droid lover in your family! If, however, your shopping for an individual who leans more to the dark side, you can swap it out for the Stormtrooper Bank instead.

Stormtrooper Bank

14. Grogu Portable mini Bluetooth Speaker

Perhaps one of the most adorable characters to be recently introduced, this Grogu Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the Star Wars fanatic who also happens to love listening to the Imperial March. Now your loved one can carry Grogu around with them wherever they go!

15. “Force of Action” Mug

The Force of Action Mug is perfect for your coffee lover and George Lucas fan. Not only does it bear a striking resemblance to the villain of the series….it probably conveys how they feel before they have had their morning cup of Joe!

Darth Vader Mug

So tell me…..are you looking forward to the new Star Wars movie as much as I am? Which Star Wars gift is your favorite?

Which Star Wars gift is your favorite?

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  1. Great ideas, one thing I saw in a store (I forget which) that would make for a great gift are cookie cutters… if your gift recipient likes baking. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you!!! Great gift ideas for my hard-to-buy-for niece and nephew. Two more Christmas gifts bought. Because of your ideas, I am being for organized and saving money. Have a nice day.

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