Thoughtful Gifts for the Ones You Almost Forgot About….But Didn’t

Ever thought about saying “thank you” to your service providers with a small gift? The following options are my go-to last minute Christmas gifts for those who might have slipped your mind this Holiday season. You don’t even have to spend that much to make a big impact!

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Ever thought about saying "thank you" to your service providers with a small gift? You know....the mailman, the babysitter....even your hairdresser? The following options are my go-to last minute Christmas gifts for those who might have slipped your mind this Holiday season. You don't even have to spend that much to make a big impact!

When you first make your Christmas List, I’m pretty sure most of your family members and close friends find their way onto it. But what about service providers? You know…..the mailman, babysitter, teachers, and hairdresser…..just to name a few?

Before you click away and think I’m crazy for adding one more thing to your to-do’s, hear me out. Giving gifts or tipping above and beyond what you normally pay is most definitely not an obligation. But if you do have a little bit of room in your budget to shower them with Holiday cheer, think of this as your way of saying “thank you” for all the things they’ve done throughout the year.

Seriously, you don’t have to spend much to make a big impact!

The following gifts are my go-to last minute options for those who might have slipped your mind this Holiday season. Thanks to this convenient reminder, you’re now completely covered!

For Your Babysitter…

Almost every teenage or college-age girl I know loves her beauty products. Grab a cute nail polish set or eye shadow palette to add to her growing collection. I know she’ll appreciate the kind gesture, especially after taking care of your (always well-behaved) little angels! (Maybelline Nude Eye Shadow Palette)

Eye Shadow Palette

For Your Mailman…

Driving around in a cold climate makes for a very chilly vehicle, especially if it’s one of the doorless kinds! Keep your mailman’s drink of choice toasty warm with this convenient travel mug. If you have extra room in your budget, pair with a bag of coffee or Starbucks gift card. (Contigo Travel Mug)

Travel Mug

For Your Coworkers (or Boss)…

Keep everyone inspired at work with these adorable calendar sets! Print on high quality cardstock at home as many times as you like, and gift with a mini wooden easel so they can display it proudly on their desk.

For Your Children’s Teacher…

Halfway through the year, teachers are running out of cute supplies. Refill their storage closets with a variety of Post-It notes, tabs, and flags, so a piece of paper is always close at hand! (Grid Post-It Notes, Apple Post-It Dispenser, and Post-It Flags)


For Your Cleaning Lady…

Hands can take quite a beating when you clean for a living. Pamper your cleaning lady with natural salves and creams to keep her skin nice and soft. This gift set is perfect for extra hydration during the cold winter months! (Burt’s Bees Pamper Gift Set)

Burts Bees Pamper Gift Set

For Your Hairdresser…

Hair stylists spend their days pampering others, and now it’s your turn to give some of that love right back to them. I love eos lip balm for undercover nourishment.

Whether you have a weed puller, lawn mower guy, or a teenage boy who shovels your sidewalk and driveway for extra cash, music is one thing that helps pass the time. Gift a set of new buds along with an iTunes gift card to keep his playlist up to date. (Gift Card | Earbuds)


The point of this post is not to guilt you into getting gifts for each of these individuals. However, it is a gentle reminder to think about giving a little something to someone who’s either made an impact on you, or made your life a little easier.

You don’t have to give much, as long as you give from the heart. Even a handwritten note can go a long way in bringing a smile to their face, and show them how much you appreciate their service!

Do you buy gifts for service providers?

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