How to Update Your Flip-Flops in Five Minutes

This DIY Flip Flops trick transforms dollar store footwear into cute and stylish beachwear! You won’t believe how quick and simple this is.

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How cute are these DIY Flip Flops???? I was looking for the perfect beach craft for my kids as we get ready for summer vacation and OMG these are just perfect!!! We've got some old pairs lying around and this is going to make a great Flip Flop Upcycle project. I'm so glad she puts the trick in there about how to keep the flowers from falling off, because I wondered that same exact thing!! #diyflipflops #flipflopmakeover #beautifyflipflops #flipflops

I know you’ve seen them—flip-flops that sell for a crazy $15, $20, sometimes $40 each??

It’s crazy town.

Most of the time, the only difference is a simple flower or gem embellishment on top. Oh, and the brand name, which supposedly matters.

Well, my friend, you can easily make those yourself….in less than 5 minutes.

Just stock up on flip-flops when they are less than $5 each, {AKA the $1 Old Navy sale!} then use a coupon at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby to buy some cute embellishments from the scrapbook section.

This project is a perfect activity to do on a Mother/Daughter day, or a for a girly birthday party!

Supplies Needed:

  • Plain flip-flops {Walmart is another place to look}
  • Flower or gem embellishments
  • Hot glue gun

The Project:

Step 1: Place a dime-size amount of hot glue into the middle of the flip-flop strap.

Step 2: Press embellishment into the glue and hold tight. Lauren from The Thinking Closet swears by these glue gun protectors, and after doing this project, I think she’s onto something.

Step 3: Turn the shoe upside down, and add more hot glue under the base of the embellishment, further securing the embellishment to the shoe. Don’t skip this part!

I tested it with and without the extra glue, and after walking a tiny bit, the flower popped off when there wasn’t extra glue underneath to hold it.

That’s it! See, I told you it was easy!

This DIY Flip Flops trick transforms dollar store footwear into cute and stylish beachwear! You won't believe how quick and simple this project is.

Total Cost: $4.50

Flip-Flops $2 | Flowers $2.50 w/ coupon

Now you have a pretty pair of flip-flops to flaunt this Summer, and—high five—you paid less than $5. Take that Tory Burch.

Where do you find cheap flip flops?


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  1. Great idea, Kalyn! I have 3 pairs of flip flops that I’m going to upgrade due to your inspiration!

    I got here from The Thinking Closet’s retweet of your tweet about this!

    Great to see you at the Birthday/Baptism party…sorry I didn’t get to converse with you that day but my husband said he enjoyed talking to you and your husband about your blog!

    1. They’ll turn out great! I’ve worn my out on the town a few times now and the flowers have held strong. 🙂

      Junie’s party was so beautiful! It was really fun to catch up with old friends and meet more of Lauren’s friends and family.

  2. Keep trying to pause the video on the side and it just goes to the video to a page all its own. Would like to read the article without eating up so much data and battery. GL to you

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I’ll look into it. Are you using a laptop or a mobile device?

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