DIY Glitter Music Ornaments

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These DIY glitter music ornaments creatively use old sheet music, and sparkle on your tree! An inexpensive gift for grandparents, coworkers, and friends!

One of the things I wish I made more time for, is playing the piano – I took lessons all the way from Kindergarten to my senior year in high school, and although I didn’t love every minute of practice {or performing in public!}, I’m still glad to have at least one musical skill.

But it did leave me with a lot of sheet music….and I mean a lot. Not only have I collected all the step-by-step learning books throughout the years, I also have many of the classics, and even modern day movie theme music. Because one never knows when you’ll need to play the theme song to Forrest Gump, right?

I tried to pare down my collection when we moved, but wasn’t super successful. A fairly large box filled with old books and sheet music still traveled with us. However, the frugal part of me didn’t want to throw everything away, especially if they could still be used for a craft project!

When I saw these wooden ornaments at the craft store, I knew they’d be a perfect pair with my forgotten sheet music, and even though it was slightly painful to tear musical scores from my practice books, I was super excited to repurpose those memories.

Even if you don’t have access to any old sheet music {garage sales would be perfect to search for them}, you can still find some pretty paper at the craft store that looks just as good. And no project is complete without at least a little glitter….or in my case, a lot. 

Supplies Needed:

The Project:

Step 1: Cut out scrapbook paper or sheet music to fit the type of ornament you are trying to cover. I used a star shape.

My ornament had a slight inset that I had to trace, so I slid the ornament underneath the paper, and rubbed the edges with a pencil so I knew where to cut.

Glitter Music Ornaments | Creative Savings

Step 2: Place a thin layer of mod podge on the ornament where you are putting the cut paper, and press to flatten bubbles. If you use too much mod podge, not only will the project take forever to dry, but the paper will wrinkle up and not look very pretty.

Glitter Music Ornaments | Creative Savings

Step 3: Once paper is dry, place another thin later of mod podge on the top to seal and let dry. It could take up to an hour, but it’s really important to have a completely dry surface before we use the glitter!

Glitter Music Ornaments | Creative Savings

Step 4: Use Elmer’s glue around the edges that you want to glitter {I tried mod podge at first, and it didn’t look as nice}.

Be careful to smooth onto the surface with the tip of the glue, and make sure every part of the edge is covered so there are no holes. Do one section of the ornament at a time to make it easier.

Glitter Music Ornaments | Creative Savings

Step 5: Sprinkle glitter over glue and tap excess away. You may have to wipe glitter off the inside with a tissue or your fingers, because even though the mod podge has dried, it still has a tendency to stick.

Glitter Music Ornaments | Creative Savings

Step 6: Let ornaments dry a few hours before using, stacking, or gifting. This is very important {and I know from experience!}

Glitter Music Ornaments | Creative Savings

Total Cost: $1.36 per ornament

Ornament $.77 | Paper $.59 | Other supplies in stock

These music ornaments are so inexpensive to make, and would be perfect as a teacher, co-worker, or hostess gift. Make it a crafternoon, and then whip up a stack to bring to a Holiday ornament exchange. {The latter is where mine went.}

They don’t take long to come together, but the drying times will make it an afternoon project. That’s when I like to have a couple of different chores or other DIY’s going on so I can make the most efficient use of my time.

Or, you could always invite a friend to work on these ornaments with you, and gab instead!

What Christmas decorations do you DIY?

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  1. Hi Kalyn, These are super cute. I’d love to have my daughter make her piano teacher one for the holidays! Lovely idea. I hope I can find some wood stars at the craft store. I have to say I love your recommended pinner pop up. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sharing how you got it. I’d love one for my site. Hope that you don’t mind me asking. Happy Holidays! Pinning to my Christmas board.

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