1. Laura says

    Yes yes yes! I do most of these now and you’re right, it saves SO much time – my husband actually got me started on several of these when we got married a year ago. Although I’m a pretty neat person, letting (rinsed!) dishes pile up was my weak point. We wash all dishes after dinner that weren’t taken care of while cooking, leave them to dry overnight, and then unload while making breakfast (and then wash our few breakfast dishes right away).

    I hadn’t thought of #5 and #6, but a similar thing I would add is multiple sponges – especially for those (like me!) without a dishwasher. We use a soft “non-scratch” sponge for most dishes, the green “heavy duty scouring pads” for stuck on food, and a stainless steel sponge (“steel wool”) for stainless steel pots & pans.

    • Kalyn Brooke says

      It’s still crazy to me how fast they can pile up if we don’t stay on top of them. I think I may need to adopt your multi-sponge approach. Right now we just use one sponge but it can get nasty pretty quickly dealing with the caked on food or cleaning a frying pan that was used to make scrambled eggs.

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