10 Improvement Projects to Get the Most Value from Your Home

Even if you don’t plan on selling your house anytime soon, you’ll probably list it someday. Start with the project that will increase home value the most and make it your top priority this summer. Psst… some of the easiest updates cost nothing but offer tremendous ROI!

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Whether you are selling your home, moving, or just wanting to add a little value, don't make the same mistake I did and pour a bunch of money into projects that didn't raise the value of my house by a penny! Instead, do one of THESE 10 home improvement projects to increase the value of your home. Best part is, most of them are pretty cheap - some of these home improvement ideas don't even cost a thing! #homeimprovement #sellingourhouse #homesellingtips

Joseph and I often joke that we renovate houses just in time for us to leave them.

In New York, we spent over $15,000 re-insulating the attic, drywalling, and turning our first home into a user-friendly space. A year later, we moved to Florida.

Now that we’re considering another investment into updated countertops and a much-anticipated (by me, anyway) farmhouse sink, we’re also contemplating selling our house here and heading on that RV adventure we often dream about.

Which begs the question…do you ever get back the money you put into a mega home update?


Obviously, you don’t want to sink a ton of money into a home or location that won’t retain it’s value. That’s the mistake we made in New York, and we ended up selling our first home for 82% less than the original purchase price. Ouch!

But in a great market with a home that’s actually worth renovating, and by choosing the right updates {looking back, our attic reno wasn’t worth the utility savings or resale value}, you can expect a higher price when it comes time to sell.

You don’t even have to invest a ton of money if you don’t want to either. There are plenty of smaller updates you can tackle to make sure your home looks its absolute best.

The following ideas will help you decide where to improve and what to spend your money on.

1. Address the basics

Pretend you are looking at your home with a fresh pair of eyes—as someone who has never been there before. Do you see mold growing on your back deck? Dirty window tracks? Rusty rain gutters? Are there weeds growing into your flower beds? Take a couple weekends to address basic issues that you’ve often overlooked (but that potential buyers will notice right away!).

2. Carve out a home office

With more people ditching the commute and choosing to work from home, home office spaces are in popular demand. Whether it’s part of a separate room or a small space nestled in a hallway or other living space, make sure the area has adequate outlets for multiple devices.

increase home value by carving out an office space

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3. Ditch the popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are just another way your home is saying, “I’m a few decades too late!” Get your ceilings tested for asbestos first, and if the coast is clear, you can easily tackle this project in a weekend. For investors, this update probably won’t be worth it, but for home-owners, it’s a definite must.

4. Clear the clutter!

First impressions count. If all people see when they walk in the door to your home (or when they’re browsing photos of your listing online!) are mounds of countertop clutter, they’re more likely to focus on the distractions rather than the permanent fixtures behind those distractions.

I know it may sound silly, but cleaning your house can increase home value to the average home buyer. Plus, you have a great excuse to participate in a fun decluttering challenge!

did you know that just having a clean house will increase the value of a home to an average home buyer?

5. Remodel the bathroom, or just update the bathroom fixtures or floor

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before—bathrooms and kitchens are the number one places to invest in home renovations and repairs. But if you don’t have a huge budget with which to remodel the entire room, a few cost-effective changes, including updating light fixtures and faucets, or adding a new tile floor, will go a long way.

6. Revitalize the kitchen

Potential buyers are especially into wide open floor plans, which allows for ease of entertaining without hindering conversation. If your kitchen is more closed off, you’ll want to consider a bigger change, like knocking out an extra wall or removing the island. But even a small swap—like a new stainless steel microwave or sink—can add big value to your home, too.

The first place to look if you want renovate a room to increase home value is your Kitchen.

7. Replace worn carpeting

If your carpets have stains, tears, or are generally just falling apart, replace the worst offenders as soon as your finances allow. Buyers are especially turned off when they realize they have to foot the bill to replace all the carpeting, and nothing is worse than stepping on gross carpet!

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8. Freshen up with new paint

Paint is a relatively cost-effective update, and it does wonders to improve the fresh feel of your home. I’m sure you can think of a few spots where grubby hands and backs of chairs have made unattractive smudges on the wall! Stick with neutral colors and you won’t scare any potential buyers away.

fresh paint is one of the easiest ways to increase home value

9. Make your front door inviting

Remember what I said before about first impressions? The front door is one of the first things people see on their way inside. Take time to make it cozy and inviting with a fresh coat of paint. Or simply make a trip to your local nursery for flowers and arrange a few potted plants near the entrance.

10. Replace your garage doors

Beat-up, dented, or peeling paint on the outside of a garage door is one way to scare off potential purchasers. While on average, the cost may run up to about $2,791 to replace everything, depending on how many doors you have, this home project has one heck of an ROI (return on investment): 83.7%!

Garage doors are an often overlooked way to increase home value

Again, updating your home isn’t necessarily going to guarantee you’ll get money back on your investment. It’s just like the stock market; you have to make the best decision with the best information you have at the time. So remember this good advice:

“Before you decide on a remodel, consider the cost versus the value, and decide if the remodel you want to do is a worthy investment.” – HomeAdvisor

Even if you’re only looking to improve your home for your personal enjoyment, it’s worth keeping these particular projects in mind as you consider tackling an update and prioritize all you want to do.

You will probably sell your home someday. So start with the update on this list that will lead to the biggest bang for your buck and make it your top priority project this summer! Any of these projects would make an amazing Six-Week Sprint, which is the goal setting framework I use that is the perfect blend of flexibility and structure that I find most goal-setting systems lack.

What project have you considered doing to increase home value?

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