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The Master Life Planner includes 81 chic + functional planner pages to help you organize your schedule, improve your focus, and keep tabs on the life areas that are important to you—like reading, wellness, home management, and more!

No more trying to keep track of everything in your head (or in bits and pieces on your phone).

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Now you can…

  • Plan your year, month, weeks, and days, with review pages to make sure you stay on track.
  •  Log your workouts, keep a food diary, practice gratitude, and develop consistent habits.
  • Keep your home clean all month long, meal plan each week, as well as organize your passwords and projects.
  • Create a monthly budget, save for a future spending goal, pay off debt (and pay your bills on time).
  • Track your reading, favorite TV shows, and movies.
  • Use structured yet flexible note pages to make ALL THE LISTS.

(Available in A4, Letter, Half Letter, A5, and Happy Planner Classic and Mini planner sizes)

just imagine how it would feel if you could…

  • Track everything that’s important to you in one place – Your schedule, tasks, habits, workout routine, meal plan, gratitude, mood, reading list, and more are always at your fingertips.
  • Rearrange planner pages whenever you want – Want to keep your workout schedule right next to your monthly calendar? Or add note pages wherever you need them? With this planner, you get to choose and customize your own set up.
  • Avoid purchasing another planner that you’ll ditch in two months (this one’s for keeps!) – If you want a new look, all you have to do is swap out the cover and/or interior pages. You don’t ever need to buy another planner!

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Assembling The Master Life Planner doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

This 38-page guide shares how to print and organize your planning pages. You can use any ring binder or discbound notebook! (But we really love the versitility of the discbound notebook 😍.)

Learn how to…

  • Customize this planner into your second brain so you have everything you need to support your daily tasks, schedule, passions, and projects.
  • Understand how to print the highest quality planning inserts (and resize them to fit your preferred planner size!)
  • Know exactly what to do when your notebook grows too big. (No, you don’t have to throw out those pages!)
  • Get a peek into my own planner setup with dozens of ideas you can apply to your own organizational framework.
Frequently asked questions

We have A’s for your q’s

The Master Life Planner and special bonuses are a bundle of PDF files that you can download immediately after purchase. That means you can dig into the materials right away!

The notebook featured on this page is not included. The Master Life Planner comes with a step-by-step eBook guide that shows you how to print and organize this planner inside a discbound notebook, with dozens of tips, tricks, and cheat sheets throughout. You’ll need to purchase your own notebook. I recommend this quality, budget-friendly find on Amazon!

Of course! I happen to prefer the discbound notebook style, but you can easily assemble this planner inside a three-ring binder.

You get access to A4, Letter, A5, Half Letter, Happy Planner Classic, and Happy Planner Mini sizes. That’s SIX planner size options so you can choose the notebook size that you like best!

Yes! Around October, I’ll send you updated calendar pages for the next year.

If you have any problems with the download at all, please email [email protected] with your purchase receipt and someone on my team will be happy to help you out!

Hi there, I’m Kalyn!

As the founder of KalynBrooke.com, my mission is to help women create gentle structure through mindful planning + productivity systems.

As a Type-A depression survivor, I’ve learned how to balance my ambition in a way that supports my mental health.

The Master Life Planner reminds you to tackle that to-do list, but take time for yourself as well. Because the goal isn’t to achieve more, it’s to achieve more mindfully.

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