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You want a planner that works in EVERY season. Instead you buy a new one every few months.

Instead of investing more money into another system that may or may not work for you (because it wasn’t created with you in mind), invest in the system that grows and evolves WITH you.

Your own.

The Build Your Own Planner Toolkit is for high-achievers who want their planner to support their schedule, tasks, and goals on a daily basis.

just imagine how it would feel if you could…

  • Get organized and STAY organized – Your planner would finally function “the way your brain works” because you’re the one in charge of the setup.
  • Use your planner to support EXACTLY what you want to achieve – If you’re focused on healthy eating, your planner can double as a food diary. If you want to read more, add your TBR list and a reading tracker. Each page can easily be added or removed depending on your current goals.
  • Stop wasting money on premium planners because yours is better – You’ll actually use this one! And if you’re craving a change, you can easily swap out the cover for a new design.

Psst… you don’t have to start from scratch.

Here’s everything you get inside the toolkit…

1. starter planner pages

You get access to our Master Life Planner, which contains a huge variety of chic + functional planner pages that are sized and ready to fit inside your planner.

Choose only the ones you want and leave the rest!

(Available in A4, Letter, Half Letter, A5, and Happy Planner Classic and Mini planner sizes)

Yes, you get ALL of these.

2. Planner Assembly Guide

This 38-page guide shares how to print and organize your planning pages so you can tailor this system to your exact needs.

We’re particularly fond of the discbound notebook because the unique binding allows you to add even more planner pages later on!

3. Planner Design Video Tutorial

Learn how to customize your planner even more with planning pages you design yourself. It’s quick and easy using Canva, a free online design program!

But you don’t have to. You’ll have plenty of pre-designed pages to start.

4. Planner Cheat Sheets

Not sure what size planner would work best for you? Use these tools to find (and compare!) the EXACT dimensions of the most popular notebooks sizes as well as where to buy the best one for your needs.

Start your journey with the only tool that gives you true planning freedom…

(and fall back in love with your planner).

(normally $49)


The Build Your Own Planner Toolkit is right for you if:

  • You want to adjust your planner on an as-needed basis – On a normal work day, you might need a full page daily layout with an hour-by-hour schedule. But when you’re on vacation you might not need anything at all. You can always pick up your planner right where you left off. No blank pages in sight!
  • You wish you could add and rearrange planner pages whenever you want – Want to keep your workout schedule right next to your monthly calendar? Or add note pages wherever you need them? With this planner, you get to choose and customize your own set up (and reorganize sections as needed!)
  • You’d like your planner to do MORE – In addition to your tasks and schedule, you’d like to use your planner to track other things, like your goals, workouts, finances, book lists, and meal plans. You need a productivity tool that can organize each of these areas in a single notebook so you’re not switching between apps and multiple planners.

Your version of the perfect planner is out there.

Let’s create it together.


Assembling your planner doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

In this 38-page guide, you’ll learn step by step how to create and customize your own planning system. You could be up and running in as little as a weekend!

You’ll learn how to…

  • Customize this planner into your second brain so you have everything you need to support your daily tasks, schedule, passions, and projects.
  • Understand how to print the highest quality planning inserts (and resize them to fit your preferred planner size!)
  • Know exactly what to do when your notebook grows too big. (No, you don’t have to throw out those pages!)
  • Get a peek into my own planner setup with dozens of ideas you can apply to your own organizational framework.
Frequently asked questions

We have A’s for your q’s

The Master Life Planner and special bonuses are a bundle of PDF files that you can download immediately after purchase. That means you can dig into the materials right away!

The notebook featured on this page is not included. The Master Life Planner comes with a step-by-step eBook guide that shows you how to print and organize this planner inside a discbound notebook, with dozens of tips, tricks, and cheat sheets throughout. You’ll need to purchase your own notebook. I recommend this quality, budget-friendly find on Amazon!

Of course! I happen to prefer the discbound notebook style, but you can easily assemble this planner inside a three-ring binder.

You get access to A4, Letter, A5, Half Letter, Happy Planner Classic, and Happy Planner Mini sizes. That’s SIX planner size options so you can choose the notebook size that you like best!

Yes! Around October, I’ll send you updated calendar pages for the next year.

If you have any problems with the download at all, please email [email protected] with your purchase receipt and someone on my team will be happy to help you out!

Hi there, I’m Kalyn!

As the founder of, my mission is to help women create gentle structure through mindful planning + productivity systems.

As a Type-A depression survivor, I’ve learned how to balance my ambition in a way that supports my mental health.

The Master Life Planner reminds you to tackle that to-do list, but take time for yourself as well. Because the goal isn’t to achieve more, it’s to achieve more mindfully.

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