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Organize Your Giant To-Do List with a Master Task Database

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This incredible task management system organizes your tasks by category, priority, due date, and energy level so you always know what to do next and when.

  • Filter to see only the tasks you NEED to see
  • Dump “someday” tasks so you never forget another idea
  • Add notes and media to each task for added context
  • Handle recurring tasks with ease
Hi, I’m Kalyn!

List Maker, Productivity Nerd, + Burnout Survivor

My mission here (and in life!) is to inspire ambitious women to ditch the endless hustle and embrace a more mindful approach to productivity—one that starts from a place of wellness and self-care.

I know what it’s like to feel burdened by more to-do’s than you have time. Let me help you take back control with a Master Task List—the game-changing task management system I use on a daily basis.

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