The Ultimate Storage Solution for Unruly Gift Wrapping Supplies

Don’t fight against storage solutions that don’t work. This functional (yet cute) gift supply organization center provides a place for wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon, and bags, without getting crushed or crinkled. It fits perfectly inside a small closet!

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These gift wrapping storage ideas are exactly what I've been looking for!!! I love how she cut a crate in half for the shelves, making it the perfect solution for small spaces. Organize gift supplies is definitely going on my to-do list for next month. I can't wait to have all my gift bags, wrapping paper, and bows neatly organized! #giftsupplies #giftwrappingsupplies #organizing #organization

Over Christmas, I decided to declutter and organize my gift wrapping supplies. I’m kind of a paper supplies junkie (as well as an after-Christmas sale junkie!), so you can imagine just how much stuff I had accumulated over the past few years.

Still don’t believe me? Just take a look inside my craft closet organization post!

I had previously used one of those long “under-the-bed” storage bins, but while it held all my wrapping paper rolls just fine, things eventually got squished, stuffed, and it soon became a catch all for anything I didn’t have a place for.

In fact, my entire guest room closet became a catch-all too. Bags, boxes, bows…you name it. It was all thrown in there with no organization whatsoever. And yes, I’m very embarrassed about this. Just so we’re clear!

After searching through the infinity of ideas on Pinterest, I pieced together a simple gift wrapping supply center that I’m actually quite proud of, and can’t wait share with you. Basically, if you have just as many gift wrapping supplies as I do (or more!), you can take away some ideas that might just work for you too.

Ready to organize? Pop in a podcast and join me!

1. Find the Perfect Spot

The first thing I did was move all my gift wrapping supplies from the guest room to my office/craft closet. The only problem was the amount of space I had to work with—my craft closet is pretty full already! I knew this would be a challenge, so I sketched out some ideas in my bullet journal to maximize as much space as possible.

This certainly isn’t a have-to step, but I find its easier to plan on paper before moving stuff around.

My Sketch of my Gift Supply Organization solution

2. Declutter Until it Hurts

Once my sketch was finished, it was time to declutter. Not everything was going to fit, so I needed to do a major purge!

I threw out:

  • Bows that were crushed and unusable.
  • Bags that were ripped and even ones that weren’t all that cute. I wasn’t using them anyway because I hated the design.
  • Small crinkled pieces of wrapping paper that I had saved for smaller gifts. But at this point, they were too messed up to use anyway.

By the time I was finished, I was left with a gift supply stash I loved, instead of items that didn’t inspire me anymore.

3. Set Up Your Space and Organize the Rest

Once I narrowed down my collection, it was time to set up my space and organize everything. This part has a LOT of steps, so I created a video to show you exactly what I did and how I did it!

Supplies used in the video:

    • Wooden Crate – Bought at Joann’s during a Black Friday sale.
    • Mason Jar – To hold all my gift tags and stickers. I cut apart each sticker sheet so the individual tags would fit.
    • Box for Bows – I found the beautiful teal box at Target on clearance. So pretty!
  • Clear Box for Tissue Paper – This has to be hands down my favorite way to organize tissue paper. Just fold and file!

Don't fight against storage solutions that don't work. This functional {yet cute} gift supply organization center provides a place for wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon, and bags, without getting crushed or crinkled. It fits perfectly inside a small closet!

Side Note: I used to buy wrapping paper at the store, but it always ripped on the corners of whatever I was trying to wrap. Drove me nuts. Now, I spend a little bit more on paper, but it’s totally worth it to me. All wrapping paper I buy is from Current Catalog, and it is luxurious. 

Obviously, you don’t have to copy exactly what I did for my own gift supply organization project, but I hope it at least gives you some ideas and inspiration to tackle your own.

I also linked to a few of the projects that inspired me below, just in case you want to pin and bookmark for future reference!

10 Genius Ideas to Organize Your Gift Supplies | I hate having to pull a giant tote out of the back of the closet every time I need a bag for a baby shower. These gift supply organization ideas are exactly what I've been looking for!!! I've got to do this so my gift supplies are neat, organized, and so easily accessible.

Row 1: Storage Hamper | Gift Wrap Caddy | Hanging Paper Station

Row 2: Magazine Holder Bag + Bow Organizer | DIY Peg Board | Gift Wrap Suitcase

Row 3: Organized Wrapping Supplies | Shower Caddy Gift Wrap Storage | Gift Wrapping Station

Not Pictured: Gift Supply Trunk

What gift wrapping supplies do you tend to hoard?

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  1. I have very few gift wrapping supplies at home, but your organizing tips gave me some ideas to declutter some of the other stuff I have lying around the house πŸ˜€ We have a very small apartment, so every once in a while it’s imperative that I make time to organize supplies and other things.

    1. I’m so glad! It can be really tricky maximizing a small space and yet keeping things accessible. It seems like a lot of storage solutions sacrifice accessibility.

    1. You’ll be so happy when someday becomes today! πŸ™‚ It’s so nice not having to crawl under the bed to find the supplies to wrap a baby shower gift.

  2. To organize my gift supplies we ended up buying a gift wrap organizer (it’s basically a big plastic bag that can hold them all. Then we took a storage bin and added anything that was related to gift wrap. It’s worked out really well, and I now know what we have in our gift stockpile!

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