The Only Tool You Need to Organize Practically Anything

Don't waste money on expensive organizing supplies. You can organize practically anything with a simple basket from the dollar or craft store!

Today, I have the honor of guest posting at Organizing Junkie about the simplest organizing tool ever. It’s time to say goodbye to all those expensive supplies!

Here’s an excerpt:

Searching for organizing ideas on Pinterest makes me seriously giddy. But while I absolutely love browsing through all those beautiful pictures, inspirational DIY, and creative ideas, there always a small part of me that feels a little discouraged that I won’t be able to accomplish all the goodies I’ve pinned.

Not only am I short on time, I also don’t have an unlimited supply of money to spend on pretty cork boards or shelving units. Instead, I’ve found that the best {and only} organizing tool you really need is a simple basket. 

From canvas, to plastic, to wicker – big, medium, or small – baskets solve all your organizing problems with a fairly small investment at the dollar or craft store. I love that they immediately de-clutter any space in a flash too.

Here’s how to organize practically anything with just a few containers, and find out which ones will be perfect for your space. You will love how easy it is to organize without feeling like you have to tear the whole room apart first!

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