The Top 10 Blogs to Read to Get Your Entire Life in Order

Need some new reading material? I’m revealing my top 10 favorite blogs that have me coming back week after week, and will inspire you to get your entire life in order. The women running them are pretty much my heroes, and motivate me to become a better person every single day!

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Need some new reading material? I'm revealing my top 10 favorite blogs that have me coming back week after week. The women running them are pretty much my heroes, and motivate me to become a better person every single day! If you love home organization, simple ways to be smart with money, or just general lifestyle tips, you're going to fall in love with these blogs too. #inspiringwomen #womentofollow #inspiringbloggers #amazingbloggers #bloggerstofollow

One of the frustrating things about running your own blog, is I don’t get to read as many other blogs as I used to. I know—total bummer! I would normally spend 20-30 minutes a day catching up on the latest posts, but now I’m lucky if I get 5 minutes to read one post a day.

Every once in a while though, I’ll open up the Feedly App on my phone and browse through my list of current faves….usually if I’m waiting somewhere like the doctor’s office or sitting in the car. Although if they’re hard core favorites, I usually subscribe to their newsletter so I get consistent updates every week.

For some reason, I never forget to check my email. Ha! 😉

Anyway, I’m always curious as to what blogs other people read, so I thought it might be fun to list my top 10 favorites that I come back to week after week. I like variety in my reading, so you’ll see they range from organization to money to general lifestyle, but of course, they are all super inspirational.

The women running them are pretty much my heroes, and motivate me to become a better person every single day!

1. Andrea Dekker

I’ve followed Andrea long before I started blogging, and I so admire her for being real. In addition to simplifying your everyday routines and cooking up incredibly easy recipes, she also writes thought provoking articles with the fresh perspective I’ve come to adore. Plus, her outlook on finances very much reflect my own, so in a way, I feel like we are kindred spirits who have never met!

Favorite Post: Why I Almost Never Say, “We Can’t Afford That”

2. Just a Girl and Her Blog

Seriously…who doesn’t love Abby? She is a total sweetheart and covers all things DIY, organization, and productivity. She and her husband Donnie also have a blogging blog called, Building a Framework, which has given me hundreds of ideas to take my own online business to the next level. They are both so inspiring to Joseph and I since we work from home together too!

Favorite Post: 5 Ways to Beat Burnout

3. School of Decorating

Jackie is my go-to for all things decorating advice. Her easy-to-explain tutorials and clean, yet colorful style make me feel like I can have a beautiful home too! I’ve read her book, Free Decorating, and highly recommend it. Right now, I’m going through her course Decorography, and there are SO many things I want to implement.

Favorite Post: How to Shop Home Decor without Getting Overwhelmed

4. The Small Things Blog

If you’ve ever looked up hair tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube, you’ve probably seen Kate. I am in love with all of Kate’s hair and makeup tutorials, and let’s be honest—her style rocks too. I even have a Pinterest dedicated to all things “products to try”, because of her recommendations! Definitely follow her if you want to look and feel more put together.

Favorite Post: How to Fake a Blowout

5. The Busy Budgeter

I’m convinced Rosemarie can do it all. From budgeting basics to easy recipes to a blogging business she built to more than $20,000 a month—she is so inspiring! One of my favorite things about her methods are the step-by-step strategies that make overwhelming tasks totally doable.

Favorite Post: The Weird Trick I Use to Stay Under Budget Every Month

6. I Heart Organizing

After reading Jen’s blog, you’ll immediately want to organize everything. Her photos are amazing, her tutorials are amazing….even her cute decor and storage bins will make you swoon. You also see how other organizers make over their spaces so you have a variety of looks and function to imitate.

Favorite Post: DIY Paper Box Drawer Organizers

7. Jessi Fearon

Jessi is a financial rockstar and you can’t help but be inspired by her story. I always look forward to her Monthly Goal posts as she works toward her personal, mothering, business, and money related dreams. She’s also the creator of Real Life Money Plan, which takes you through her entire budget-creating process from start to finish!

Favorite Post: What the Happiest People Have that You Don’t Have

8. Sunshine and Hurricanes

Even though I’m not a parent yet, this is the one parenting blog I DO read. I personally know Kira and Michelle, and I so admire the way they raise their kids! They have a really neat perspective on parenting—one that is full of common sense, decency, and without a sense of entitlement—something that is very rare in today’s crazy world.

Favorite Post: The Startling Secret about That Perfect Mom

9. Clean Mama

For all things cleaning, I have to give Clean Mama credit. I follow her cleaning routine with just a few minor tweaks, and any time I have a question about cleaning or how to clean something faster, I head over to her site to see how she tackles it. Even though I hate to clean, she *does* make it a lot more bearable! 🙂

Favorite Post: How to Speed Clean Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes

10. Thrifty Little Mom

Kim is not only a really good friend, she’s a mom of twins and such a positive/motivational blogger. If you don’t get her newsletters, you need to sign up STAT. She always has an encouraging story to share and tons of thrifty ideas to help you make the most of what you have. Oh, and her podcast is awesome to listen to when you’re folding laundry or working out at the gym!

Favorite Post: How to Find Your Perfect Budgeting System 

While I have a ton more blogs I check every now and then, these 10 make the cut every time. I look forward each post and can’t wait to read and be inspired by what they write next.

And of course, I always hope you are inspired by what you see on My goal is to help you be smart with money, more efficient with your time, and simplify all your home management routines so you can make room to focus on your top priorities. Thanks for reading!!

What Blogs Do you Love?

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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet write-up and for including me on your list alongside so many other talented bloggers. I sincerely appreciate you spreading the love and for the kind words. I hope your year is off to a wonderful start!

  2. Great list :). I really enjoy a couple of these, and can’t wait to check out the rest! Some of my favorites are Everyday Reading and Modern Mrs. Darcy. I guess I’m biased towards blogs with a bookish bent ;).

  3. Add to your list! New blog by artist/writer/teacher/momma Sandy.
    LOVE each listed, of course!

  4. I love the budget mama! She’s one of my favs as well! A few of my favs are also Making Sense of Centers, Six Figures Under, Little House Living, and Money Saving Mom.

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