3 Questions to Help Downsize Your Book Collection

Love to collect books, but tired of the piles and clutter they create in your home? These 3 questions will help organize AND downsize your book collection, without sacrificing quality reads!

Love books, but tired of the piles and clutter they create in your home? I’m over at Organizing Junkie today talking about the QUALITY of books over quantity, and 3 questions you need to ask to help organize and downsize your book collection!

Here’s an excerpt: 

It’s quite embarrassing how many books I actually own.

Although I’m a frugal, I’m also a book lover, and my first response has always been to buy a book, rather than think about how I could borrow or read it for free. Once quick glance at my collection, and I probably have more reading material than I could ever get through in the next 10 years. Yep, it’s that bad!

With the popularity of eBooks now, the hoarding is almost worse. I have hundreds {maybe thousands?} of downloads from $.99 and $1.99 sales and freebies from Amazon.com. Seriously, how can you pass those prices up!? I kept telling myself I was going to read the book eventually, and was convinced it was better to buy them now rather than later when the book wasn’t on sale. Ugh.

And so, I’m working my way through those massive piles of books and getting rid of the ones I’m not totally amazed at, as well as mandating a spending freeze with very few exceptions. I’m also going forward with the mindset that I do not have to buy books to feel happy or complete. My goodness though, is that tough!

But it’s definitely needed, and to help me rid myself of these never-ending piles of books, I came up with three questions to ask regarding each one before I give it the boot. If you are drowning in books yourself, try a little Q&A. It’s a game-changer, for sure!

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  1. Kalyn, I definitely don’t have a problem getting rid of books I’ve already read, but my husband on the other hand has an entire wall FULL of books….I am going to send him your post! 😉

    1. That’s too funny — my husband is the complete opposite! It’s hard enough for him to finish reading just one book per year. 🙂

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