The Easiest Way to Make Your Stovetop Sparkle

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Ditch expensive cleaning sprays for this simple and easy alternative. All you need is one small drop to cut through grease without any effort!

How many of you hate scrubbing the grease and grime off your stovetop? It is one of my least favorite jobs, for sure, although I think cleaning the toilet has to be the absolute worst!

But despite my intense dislike for all things cleaning, I’m always on the lookout for something new to help me do it better and faster. I never thought my dish detergent would be the ultimate solution.

I’ve tried all sorts of dish soaps over the years, and I am super picky about how they must work. I want lots of bubbles, squeaky clean finishes, and a pleasant smell that’s not too flower-y. If the product doesn’t meet my expectations, I will almost never try the brand again, no matter if I have a coupon or not. I suppose it comes from living without a dishwasher for more than half of our marriage….we needed a cleaning solution that didn’t require us to do dishes twice!

The only soap that has always met all of my requirements is Dawn, and only recently did I find out how many additional uses Dawn has outside the kitchen sink. Cutting through grease on the stovetop is one of them, and this comes in very handy whenever Joseph has a craving for bacon.

Since I am completely incapable of cooking bacon, this husband of mine {bless his heart} does it all himself. But he almost never uses lids, and the grease spits and spurts out of the pan, flying all over the countertops, cabinets, floors, and more. As much as I try to convince him that the microwave and a paper towel is a lot cleaner, he insists stovetop cooked bacon is the absolute best, and so I just let him do his thing, scrubbing the grease behind him like a begrudging dutiful wife, of course.

The Easiest Way to Make Your Stovetop Sparkle

Now, I have a simple solution to keep bacon grease in line, and it’s much, much easier to wash away!

All you have to do is run your sponge or dishcloth under hot water, squirt one drop of Dawn {a little goes a long way}, wipe away the greasy surface, and dry with a paper towel or clean dish towel.

The Easiest Way to Make Your Stovetop Sparkle

And like magic, the spots are gone! I didn’t have to do much scrubbing at all either. Dawn cuts straight through the grime with hardly any effort, and results in a fabulously clean stovetop!

The Easiest Way to Make Your Stovetop Sparkle

The Easiest Way to Make Your Stovetop Sparkle

Are you itching to try it yet? Go grab a bottle of Dawn for yourself. They are almost always on sale at CVS or Walgreens, and with a coupon, you can usually score it for less than a dollar. {Psst….this stuff works great in homemade laundry detergent too, and I have a recipe I’m just dying to share with you real soon!}Let me know in the comments below which kitchen cleaning products you swear by, and which area of the kitchen you hate cleaning the most. And if you love to clean, I so admire you and want you to teach me your tricks!

What kitchen products do you love using?

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  1. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get my stove top clean! I’ve tried using dawn, degreaser, stain remover EVERYTHING (no joke). I cannot get my stove top clean, it’s full of caked up mess and I’m at a loss here.

    Any ideas?

    1. What type of sponge/cloth are you using, Lindsey? I’ve found that the sponges with the rough scrubbing side {like these ones} work a whole lot better than dishcloths, paper towels, or just plain sponges when it comes to dealing with burnt on food. Just be careful!! Make sure it doesn’t scratch your stove top. Mine is a pained white surface so it doesn’t scratch too easily. I imagine some stove tops would need a more gentle cleaning pad.

  2. I suppose my tip, in someway, is a cleaning tip because after you try it you will never have to clean bacon splatters ever again. And, you will cook bacon more often…happy husband. Line a baking pan with foil, being sure to roll off a bit more than the size of the pan and roll it up on all four sides to contain the excess fat. This will prevent it leaking out into your oven. Cover the pan with your bacon placed side by side. Set the oven temp somewhere between 375 – 425 and place the bacon in the oven while cold. The bacon will be fully cooked in 20-35 minutes depending on whether or not your oven is convection. It is not necessary to turn the bacon at the halfway point, though sometimes I do to speed the process. Walla!! Delicious bacon, you didn’t have to stand over it, and no splatters!! Easy clean-up. Toss that foil in the garbage. Perhaps not the “greenest” method, but certainly the easiest. πŸ™‚

    1. That IS a great tip! I’ve always wanted to try bacon in the oven but never knew how long to keep it in there and at what temp. Will definitely be using your instructions the next time there’s a good sale on bacon!

  3. I’ve been using Dawn to clean most everything since I discovered how good it is. One of the hardest areas is the hood over my stove when it builds up. I also like how it cleans off mold and mildew outside on my plastic lawn chairs.

  4. Worst spot to clean is under the stove hood. It always gets greasy and I used to use baking soda and vinegar but I’m switching to Dawn!

  5. I ran across a list of things that Dawn was good for a few weeks ago and it ends up that there’s not much that it’s NOT good for! One thing that I found works really great is to put a couple drops in a cup of water and heat it in the microwave for 1 minute. When it’s done, use a rag and the dawn/water mixture and you barely have to touch the walls of the microwave to wipe them clean. Totally painless! My least favorite job in the kitchen is cleaning out the fridge and I’m ashamed to say I put it off as long as I can. When I finally do…Dawn to the rescue again!

  6. I just found out last week that baking soda works for cleaning a dirty flat top stove! I tried it right away because we have company coming and it worked like MAGIC! My stove top has never been cleaner! I am a horrible housekeeper and really hate cleaning all parts of every room, but especially the kitchen! I can never get my floor clean no matter what I use!!

    1. I have a tough time with the floor too – it collects crumbs and dirt constantly, no matter how hard I try to be careful! And hating to clean doesn’t make you a horrible housekeeper — it just means you would much rather be doing something else! πŸ™‚

  7. I usually use baking soda on my stove, never thought about dish soap before! I also bake bacon using a cooling rack and jelly roll sheet–that way it doesn’t get on my stove in the first place, and then I can just pour off the bacon grease into a jar.

    1. Ooh, baking soda is a great idea! And I love how you cook your bacon – I’m going to try that. I’m all for less mess!

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