Weekly vs Daily Logs: How to Pick the Perfect Bullet Journal Layout

Not sure whether you should bullet journal weekly vs daily? This comprehensive post walks you through the merits of the bullet journal daily spread or the weekly bullet journal method–and how to find out which one works best for YOU!
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I had been wanting to try bullet journaling for MONTHS now, but I could never get past this one thing: whether or not I should use a weekly layout or a daily one! All the customizability of the bullet journal (my favorite feature!) seemed to paralyze me. Then I read this detailed article about the differences between the Daily Log and Weekly Log. Finally figured it out. Now I know which one works best for me--and that I have the freedom to change it on days/weeks I need to! #bulletjournal #bujo

Recently, I had a bullet journaling “crisis” of sorts.

Now before you have a nervous breakdown thinking that I’m about to ditch my favorite planning system in the whole world and replace it with a conventional planner {because that’s what the face of my friend looked like when I told her!}, you’ll be relieved to know that’s not the case.

Far from it!

However, I did stumble down a bit of a rabbit trail in regards to Weekly and Daily Logs. More specifically, whether I needed both, one over the other, or {gasp!} neither at all.

Apparently, I’m not alone. The bullet journal weekly vs daily dilemma isn’t a new conversation in the bullet journaling community. Everyone has an opinion on which planning log they prefer, but that’s the beauty of it too.

Experimentation and shaping each blank page according to the features you need most is part of the fun!

But sometimes, you still need a little direction.

So, if you’re in the rut I found myself in, trying to decide whether a Weekly Log, Daily Log, or a combination of both will work for the way you plan best, you’ve come to the right place. I did a LOT of experimenting to find the perfect method for me, and I’m excited to help you do the same!

New to the bullet journaling concept? Read this Bullet Journaling 101 post first.

But first…what’s the difference?

Weekly Logs act as a general overview of the week, allowing you to visualize everything you need to do over the next seven days. Weekly Logs were not part of the original bullet journal system, but have become quite popular because of their ability to track tasks and events without getting into too much detail.

Daily Logs zoom in and focus on one particular day of the week. The bullet journal daily spread offers additional space to break down tasks even further, jot down notes throughout the day, and even do a little bit of journaling. You usually set up each Daily Log the night before or first thing in the morning.

However, knowing which layout will support you best {based on your planning needs and unique schedule}, isn’t always black and white. Consider these elements first so you can get a running start in the right direction!

1. You may want to try a weekly log if…

  • You like setting up one layout a week, rather than a new one every day.
  • You enjoy seeing everything you have to do at a glance.
  • You prefer to focus on a “highlights” task list without getting into too much detail.
  • You’re used to planning in a weekly format because of other planners you’ve tried.

2. You may want to try a daily log if…

  • You have a lot of tasks to keep track of, which require more detailed to-do lists.
  • You enjoy extra space with which to doodle, journal, and be creative.
  • You want to jot down notes to correspond with each day, rather than keeping these on a separate page.
  • You prefer to take each day as it comes, without getting distracted by everything you have to do on the other days.

Wondering what those colored blocks are on my Daily Log? Read How to Take Charge of Your Day with Time-Blocking to find the answer!

To quickly recap: The Weekly Log serves as the go-between that breaks down your monthly tasks into more manageable, weekly bites. The Daily Log is there for you to customize exactly how you want your day to happen as well as provide space to record what things happen throughout your day.

Which begs the question…what if you want both?

3. You may want to try both if…

You like the weekly bullet journal overview but also want more detailed records of each day.

This is exactly what I do.

Every Sunday evening, I sketch out my Weekly Log and add an overview of my biggest tasks and appointments—things I call my “big rocks.” These are priority items that need to get done first.

I also add space for my:

  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Habit Tracker
  • Home + Personal to-do list {things that can get done any day of the week}
  • A peek at next week
  • and a quote or seasonal doodle

Sometimes, my Weekly Log shifts to make room for what I track. I’ve added Workouts and Income Trackers in the past, and I’ll probably add or subtract other things again in the future. That’s what I love about bullet journaling—it’s so versatile!

For my Daily Log, I’ll set up the next day every evening before bed {one of my 10 daily habits}. I add in those most important tasks from my Weekly Log first, then fill in with a few other little tasks that have popped in my head since Sunday night.

But of course, this is my normal weekly planning routine. When I’m on vacation or have a lighter week, sometimes I’ll just use a Weekly Log because I don’t need a detailed look at each day.

It might seem like a waste of time to write tasks down on my Weekly Log AND my Daily Log, but I’ve manipulated my Weekly Log dozens of times and haven’t been able to come up with a good solution that covers everything I need in a single two-page spread.

So I do both. And it works for me. 🙂

How to know what you really need

If you’re still feeling a little paralyzed, pull out a piece of paper right now {or your bullet journal!} and make a list of all the things that are important to you to track as well as things you would like to track on a weekly and daily basis.

Then think about whether you can incorporate all those things into a two-page Weekly Log, or if it would be better to expand some of your list into a Daily Log as well.

Maybe you have a lot to track and think a Weekly/Daily combination is inevitable. Think again! It amazes how much other bullet journalists can pack into a Weekly Log. Take a peek at their Instagram accounts, if you need inspiration:

The biggest appeal of bullet journaling is that no layout is set in stone. You can change everything about your journal until it functions exactly the way you need it to for your current season of life, so don’t feel pressured to stick with one “log” over another.

Most of all, embrace the journey.

I don’t know of any other planner that allows you to experiment with your set up one week and tweak it the next if it’s not quite right yet. While it’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t get it perfect on the first {or second} try, remind yourself that this flexibility is what makes bullet journaling so incredible!

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And I promise you will stumble on the perfect planning layout for you. It might take some time, but you’ll get there…and you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

To bullet journal weekly vs daily:

Do you use one or the other—or both??

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  1. I’m loving this post, but I would really like to be able to see some of your weekly spreads more clearly. The photos are not high enough resolution to be able to read the text. Would you be able to post or send some slightly higher resolution photos?

  2. Hello. I am new to bujo and was looking for info on using both. I feel that both will help me best but have a question about migrating tasks between monthly, weekly, and daily. After you move tasks from the future log to the monthly spread, then down to weekly and finally daily, do you put the right arrow signifier each time? Do you add a note to where it was moved? Last, do you move every task through that progression? I hope this makes sense. Great post. Thank you.

    1. Hi Greg,

      As far as the signifier, I would only use that if I am migrating a task from one day to another, from one week to another, or one month to another.

      Example, If I planned to complete this task on Monday, but ended up not getting it done, I’d put the arrow on the daily, and move it to the next day.

      I don’t follow this progression with every task. My monthly tasks are much more “general” and then my I flesh out the tasks in greater detail on the daily lists.

      I hope that helps!

  3. I need both the moderately in-depth weekly view of a Weekly Log, and the space to jot down things as they happen (and do my daily doodle!) that the Daily Log affords. What I struggle with is being scatterbrained….I feel like I don’t have a system figured out for where to write things when I migrate tasks from my daily to other logs. For example, I had a date pop up for this Wednesday and wrote it in my daily log to be migrated to my Weekly Log at the end of the day. Now, I know there is no right and wrong way, but should I migrate these to my Monthly and Future Logs as well?? I feel like my Future Log is where I write events for months that aren’t in my journal yet so I don’t necessarily need to write them there unless it’s a recurring event that I’ll transfer to my next BuJo…I guess I just feel overwhelmed by having a Monthly, Weekly, and Dailys, but I feel really underprepared for my weeks/days/months without them.

    1. I so felt this comment! I am still in the process of getting my BuJo together and I’m already overwhelmed with what I should include in it in terms of weekly and daily spreads. But what you said is a huge concern lol. Do I need to add things to every spread and calendar?!

      1. I totally get the overwhelm! I find it best to write things down on the most “zoomed in” log that you have where you will be sure to see it again. So when something pops up for later in week and you already have a weekly log set up, I would just flip back to the the weekly log and write it down there. You might not think to look back at your daily log for an event happening in a couple of days!

        There’s no need to go back and update Future logs if you already have a Monthly or Weekly log set up. Remember, a bullet journal is meant to serve you, not the other way around!

  4. Hi Gwen,

    First, please let me apologize for the delayed response. I usually get notifications of all comments but this one slipped through and I missed it. 🙁

    It sounds like you are going through a crazy busy time, but I hope that your journal has been helping you through.

    Sometimes when life get’s crazy I find myself actually shrinking what goes into my bullet journal if at all possible. But then other times I have to put all the details of every event and task in.

    But like you mentioned, it really is about making it work for YOU and that is what I love so much about the system.

  5. My life has gone from zero for years to 60mph lately and giving myself “permission” to go from one page for each week to two and maybe even a daily has been a challenge, no lie. Three different baseball teams in three different leagues, social media for one of them, then library volunteering, taking over their social media, and oh yeah, joining their Board of Directors, oh my. This adulting stuff is hard and part of why I went childfree! LOL.

    I really needed to read your sentence, “You can change everything about your journal until it functions exactly the way you need it to for your current season of life, so don’t feel pressured to stick with one “log” over another.” Thank you!

    While the transition has been weird and tough, it has meant that I get to play with all sorts of new layouts that I had saved for “someday”.

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