3 Reasons You Should Be Setting Goals This Year

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Resolutions might not work, but goals DO. This post gives 3 solid reasons why you should be setting goals right now, & includes access to a FREE goal setting worksheet!

I love New Years. There’s something about a fresh start and a clean slate that makes me absolutely giddy.

Perhaps it’s my perfectionist personality chiming in with all the possibilities to finally get things “right” this year, but I actually think it might have more to do with the opportunity to set some highly achievable, yet motivating goals.

Here are the types of goals I focus on each year:

  • Business goals for my blog
  • Reading goals for personal growth
  • Financial goals for our family
  • Project/organizing goals I’d like to accomplish around the house.

All are written down on a pretty piece of paper that I refer to often throughout the year to track progress. It might seem a little Type-A, but I passionately believe goals are the key to accomplishing anything in life, which is why I’m so determined to make them!

Here are 3 reasons why I think you should be setting goals too:

1. Goals Give You Something to Strive For

There can be hundreds of things you’d like to accomplish, prioritize, or do, but just wishing or dreaming about them won’t make them happen. Goal-setting will. <– {Click to Tweet}

Joseph and I desperately wanted to move to Florida, but honestly could not afford it. There were moving expenses to pay for, an apartment to find, a job for Joseph, then a down payment for a house we hoped to eventually buy.

So, we estimated all the costs, added a little bit more for good measure, and spent the next year and a half saving towards it. We even created a little progress thermometer to track every penny!

Having a goal like this gave us motivation and meaning for our money. Everything we spent or saved had a purpose, because we knew there was a bigger goal in mind.

2. Goals Keep You on Track

With never-ending to-do lists, a constantly busy lifestyle, and distractions around every corner, it can be oh-so-hard to stay on track and prioritize what needs to be done first.

Set parameters in place to make sure you’re adequately working towards your goal. Maybe you need to get up 15 minutes earlier, cut your spending in one specific area, or purposefully seek out an accountability partner. Whatever it is, take provisions to help you achieve it.

One thing that helps keep me on schedule are monthly progress evaluations. I set my one big goal for the year, but also set specific monthly goals so I can track my progress and make sure I’m not falling behind. It’s much easier to meet a handful of smaller goals each month while still working towards that yearly one!

3. Goals Give You Reason to Celebrate

I am notorious for exercising, then indulging in a big bowl of ice cream afterwards. I know it totally defeats the purpose of working out in the first place, but it’s the only motivation I have to do so!

Whatever your goal is, make sure there is a reward for you at the end. In my earlier example, Florida might seem like a lovely reward in itself, but Joseph and I still took time to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out as a celebration for meeting our goal. Maybe it’s a new pair of shoes, a book on your wish list, or a day completely to yourself, but whatever it is, make it special to you!

This worksheet will quickly guide you through the process to creating 5 actionable goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months, as well as all the steps to get there. You should also follow my Productivity Tips & Tricks Pinterest Board where I’m pinning all my favorite goal-setting posts, quotes, and resources.

Having a desire is one thing, but creating a GOAL will actually help you achieve it. What will you be achieving this year?

Use the comments below to share your goals!

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  1. Hey I loved last years goal sheet, it really helped me but alas when I tried to get 2016’s it isn’t sending to my email, help please?

  2. I have tried 3 times to get the 2015 Goal Setting Work Sheet emailed to me, but it isn’t working. Can you please send it?

  3. Hey Kalyn, Great post!

    On Friday on my blog, I’ll open a small link-up party entitled “In 2014, I Hope To … ” The whole theme is essentially for people to link-up their goals for the year! If you get a second, I’d love for you to come over and link-up this post. I think it’s very relevant to the type of conversation and thinking we are going for!

    Since the post isn’t up yet, I don’t have a direct link, but the site is idonthaveacluebutimfindingout.blogspot.com. The link opens Friday and will run for a week!

    1. If you enter your email address in the form above, the worksheet will be sent right out to you. Let me know if that doesn’t work, and I’ll get one sent to your email right away!

  4. I have a huge goal of getting organized, in my belongings, in my cooking, in my time….I’m still working on how best to break that down into achievable bites. Would love to find ideas on how to do that. (Just so long as I don’t print out the article, put it in the giant, growing pile on my desk, and have one more thing adding to the mess.)

    1. I know what you mean about those paper stacks! Just as I clear off my desk, more start piling up. My motto this year is to take everything one step at a time. So start just one project, and work little by little at it until it’s done. I think you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish this year!

  5. I love the clean slate that the new year brings too; I’m great at coming up with goals, but not so great at tracking my progress over the whole year. Good resolution for ’14! Do you have an accountability partner besides your spouse? What does that process look like?

    1. It IS really hard to keep the momentum going, especially after the New Years hype dies down. I’m pretty hard on myself, so I know it might sound weird, but I’m probably my best accountability partner, especially if I leave little reminders around the house. {For example, I sometimes put post-it notes in my pantry or on the candy dish to keep my hands out of it!}

      My goal sheet is also hanging on our fridge and I pass by it multiple times a day reminding me of my ambitions, and being that little “nag” in the back of my head. I also pep talk and remind myself how I will feel if I DON’T do it, which usually motivates me to keep at it, one baby step at a time.

      Another thing is I don’t look at it as a 2014 goal, even though it is….I look at it as a daily hurdle to climb, which seems to take the pressure off. I only have to think about that day, as opposed to the whole year.

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