Ready to prioritize what really matters and break free from life’s endless demands?

In this online class, I’ll teach you how to manage your most important tasks and create a to-do list you can finish every day.

You get lifetime access for just $14.95!

let me show you how to organize everything you need to do on a weekly + daily basis.

online class

Priority Task Management: The Stress-Free Way to Get the Right Things Done

Learn how to accomplish what is necessary before it becomes urgent and make intentional progress towards the right things.

you can finally create a to-do list that doesn’t stress. you. out.

You get lifetime access for just $14.95!

If You give me 45 minutes of your time

Here is what you’ll learn…

  • Why we can’t rely on our brains to do the heavy lifting and what tools you can use instead
  • The five types of task buckets and how to integrate them into your weekly and daily to-do lists
  • A sample step-by-step weekly planning routine you can practice consistently at the beginning of each week
  • How daily interruptions can actually work in your favor (I know that sounds strange, but it’s true!)
  • Three potential temptations you might face as you try to accomplish your to-do list and practical strategies to overcome them
You’ll walk away knowing how to plan, prioritize, and execute your tasks in the most organized way possible.

How Does This Work?

Hi, I’m Kalyn!

List Maker, Productivity Nerd, + Depression Survivor

My mission here (and in life!) is to help women support their mental health through life-giving structure, organization and routines. I know what it’s like to be trapped in a life that runs you instead of the other way around. Let me help you take back control with this value-packed Priority Task Management class!

What’s Included with Your Purchase

When you sign up for this class, you not only get the 50-minute game-changing recording, you also receive a copy of the slide presentation for reference, a 7-page workbook to take notes, and 10 printable planning pages so you can implement what you learn. These pages perfectly compliment a discbound planner!

Sign up and learn expert tips to control an overwhelming to-do list


This is an edited recording of a LIVE class from August 18th. It includes all the same information, but you get the benefit of watching on your own schedule!

The teaching time is approximately 45 minutes.

Your purchase gives you access to:

  • The class recording
  • 7-page workbook to help you take notes during the session
  • 10 printable planning inserts so you can implement what you learn.
  • PDF download of the presentation for reference