5 Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

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If you`re feeling the Holiday time crunch {and still have a few more gifts left to buy!}, here are 5 last-minute Christmas shopping tips you should adopt right away.

Christmas is a little more than a week away — are you ready? If you have already discovered the Chritmas Gift Planner, you probably have almost everything squared away. To be honest, I can be quite the procrastinator when it comes to shopping for and buying all my gifts. The gift planner has made gifting so much easier, but sometimes there’s still a few last minute gifts that need to be picked out. And that is stressful!

If you’re feeling the Christmas time crunch too {and still have a few more gifts left to buy!}, here are 5 stress-free shopping tips you can adopt right away. You’ll definitely want to pin this to your Christmas board so you can remember these tips year after year!

1. Sign up for Amazon Prime

I used to think Amazon Prime was a waste of money. Not anymore! There’s so many hidden perks that make the yearly subscription totally worth it. But even if you’re not ready to spring for the cost yet, Christmas is a great time to sign up for a free trial and receive 2-day shipping on practically any order.

It’s super easy to cancel after the Holidays are over, plus, you’ll receive those last-minute gifts just in time. And as a bonus, you’ll also have access to unlimited TV shows and movies to keep the kiddos entertained and watch all your favorite Christmas classics.

2. Grab a Gift Set

When you’re short on time and your creative juices are completely gone, an easy-to-buy gift set makes the perfect last-minute option.

I was just in Target the other day, and they had some beautifully packaged gourmet food baskets along with tons of cute mugs and hot cocoa sets. I’m all for getting creative with gifts, but there’s no shame in buying a pre-packaged one if it’s done tastefully and is something your recipient will truly use and love.

Other ideas are to pick up a shirt/tie set for the guys, an earring/necklace set for the girls, and a cute new pajama set. You can pick up stuffed animals for the kiddos!

3. Don’t be Afraid of Gift Cards

Gift cards are awesome. I know some people think they are impersonal, but I’m pretty sure the majority appreciates the chance to pick out their own gift. I know I do! Plus, you don’t have to worry or be offended about them returning an item they don’t really love, or won’t ever use.

Scout out a gift card display at a store like Walmart or Target that offer cards from a variety of venders. Just make sure though that the store or restaurant you choose is available in your recipient’s area, especially if they live out of town. You would kick yourself for buying them a card they couldn’t use!

4. Get Creative with Shipping Delays

If you still waited too long to order a gift, and it won’t arrive in time for Christmas, no worries! There is a cute and creative fix that I learned from Joseph’s family…..and it works.

The next time you buy something that is currently in-transit, just print out a picture of that item and wrap it cute so your recipient still has something to open Christmas Day. No, it’s not ideal, but it’s certainly better than nothing. And you can use the same ideas from that Pinterest board I listed above to make it pretty.

Plus, now they have something to look forward to after-Christmas. You can just say you’re extending the fun!

5. Go in with a Family Member

Last, but not least, call up your totally Type-A family member and beg them to let you go in on a gift. Since they’ve already done the shopping for you, offer an amount to help pay for that gift {which is a really nice perk for the other family member if it was a bigger gift}, in exchange for adding your name to card or gift tag.

Some might see it as mooching off the other’s careful preparation, but I see it as a win-win for both. It’s certainly much better than simply plucking a cheap gift off store shelves that they may or may not like, just because you don’t want to show up empty-handed.

Alas, all is not lost one week before Christmas, or even a few days before. And you don’t even have to fight with mall crowds to pick out a great gift!

Here’s to being way more prepared next year with the Christmas Gift Planner!

How many Christmas gifts do you have left to buy?

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  1. Here’s another great tip – find your favorite local, direct sellers! Most of us have stuff on hand and are willing to help you pick the perfect thing. Plus, you skip lines and stress, keep your money local and support (in most cases) a hard-working mom vs a big box corporation CEO.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that, Amy! This is a good reminder to check with local reps to see what gifts they have in stock.

  2. These are fantastic tips, Kalyn. I’ve implemented them all at one time or another – – and this year, I’ve been using Amazon Prime like mad! Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to gift an I.O.U. or a gift card now and then. It’s not the WHAT, it’s the HEART behind it! 😉

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