3 Simple Steps to Go Green Without Going Broke

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Ready to try more natural and eco-friendly products, but worried about the expensive price tag? These 3 simple steps to go green without going broke will show you exactly how to start, plus everyone gets a FREE $10 to spend!

While I don’t normally buy a ton of green products, I do have really sensitive skin. Abrasive soaps, heavily fragranced lotions, and cheap makeup all cause me to breakout, dry out, and itch something terrible. And with summer shorts and tank top season right around the corner, I need to get myself cleared up, and fast!

But here’s my dilemma — I have a really hard time paying extra money for anything natural. Cost is, and will almost always be, my number one concern. I really have to love a product and be convinced of it’s benefits to bypass the cheapest brand for something more expensive.

I’m slowly learning though that when it comes to the products we bring into our homes and use on our bodies, I need to allow myself to spend a bit more for the sake of our health. And while it might be tempting to replace everything at once, our budget just can’t handle that shock right now.

“Going green” takes time, and that’s okay. As you assess your needs and become conscious about what products will give you the best value for your hard-earned dollars, your budget will follow, and your lifestyle will change.

These 3 simple steps to go green without going broke are a great place to start!

1. Determine a Focus Area

Look around your home and think about what non-toxic products would be most beneficial for you to start. Do you need to “clean up” your cleaning regimen? What about your laundry routine? Should you focus on beauty and body care? Or maybe even a dip into a more organic and real food diet?

The more you think about it, the more overwhelming it seems, right? This is why it’s absolutely necessary to determine a focus area first.

Because I was having so many issues with my skin, I decided to focus on items I came into direct contact with on a daily basis. When you think about it, that alone can be overwhelming in itself! But at least it’s a start, and narrows the possibilities down to a more manageable level.


2. Know What Your Budget Can Handle

Once you have your focus area, pick just one or two products to experiment with before trying them all.

I know from personal experience that I can stand in the health and beauty section at Target forever trying to decide exactly what I need and how much it will cost. Then I end up throwing even more in my cart than usual, because I think I need to replace everything in my focus area at once!

Take a few minutes to look over your budget, and give yourself a limit on what products you’re going to try first, and how much you can spend. It’s very easy to get carried away, but having a final number in mind when you head out to the store will lower that temptation to buy without thinking.

3. Shop Around

There are a ton of places to buy natural and more eco-friendly products, and the price range can be pretty extensive among them. Because of this, it’s even more important to shop around and compare costs to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Of course, I don’t advocate running around to five different stores for five different products, but as long as you have a general feel of what you should buy where, {I like to keep an online price book for this}, you will have a better idea of how to shop.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with Grove, and in case you haven’t heard of this company before, they are an eco-friendly subscription service that offers hundreds of paper products, personal care items, cleaning supplies and more. Everything is bought completely online, and products are sent straight to your door, with super fast shipping.

So if you hate running to the store anyway, Grove might be perfect for you!

At first, I was concerned that the convenience of Grove was going to make the products cost significantly higher, but after comparing dozens of items, I actually found prices to be pretty comparable, if not better.

The folks over at Grove are offering a FREE $10 to spend if you’d like to try them out for yourself. Even if you don’t continue using Grove, this is your chance to nab a few freebies and stock up on green products at a great discount!

Here’s How to Get Your Discount:

1) First, sign up for an account with Grove.

2) Next, answer a few simple questions about your home (this takes only 2 minutes). Grove uses your responses to suggest products for future shipments. However, you always have 100% control over what they ship, and will receive notifications to edit your cart before they send out the next batch of products.

3) Customize your basket. You can add or remove as many products as you wish.

4) Once you have your basket set, click Finish & Pay. Your $10 credit will already be included!

Plus, every person you refer to Grove through your special link {after you sign up for an account}, will also get a $10 credit on their first order, and you’ll also receive a $10 credit for each person who checks out. It’s seriously a win-win for those of you who want to dip your toes into greener living.

And now, back to my itchy skin dilemma…..Want to know what I finally decided to buy?

I probably spent too much time browsing Grove and reading all about the different products, but finally settled on the Yes to Carrots Body Lotion, Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, and Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent. 

Although I can’t say my skin is completely healed, it’s getting there. And I truly believe it has to do, in part, with the non-toxic laundry detergent and lotion full of skin-soothing goodness.

It’s so exciting to finally have clear skin again, which makes me all the more confident I’m doing the right thing by exploring more natural options!

What natural products have you tried?

Are there any that you love and recommend?

Disclosure: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I haven’t tried to go green yet, but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. One thing I cut out of my routine in the past year was getting rid of makeup that contained Unsustainable palm oil. I really care about animals so this was something really important to me. I actively try to stay away from those products but especially with so many different names and brands it can be difficult.

    I have no idea where to start with going green with products.

  2. Thank you so much for this post Kalyn. With your freebie offers, I decided to try it out and am now a convert with a VIP membership. I’m not normally one to offer up any more money than I have to, but epantry has such a clean and fun to use website and outstanding customer service. I just couldn’t resist! Looking forward to my next shipment πŸ™‚

    1. So glad you are enjoying ePantry! It didn’t take me long to become hooked as well — it’s so nice to have products arrive right at our doorstep so we don’t have to make extra trips to the store!

  3. I totally agree that going green can definitely be overwhelming. But like you suggested, I focused on on area. For a while, I’ve been completely green when it came to hair and face products. Because my husband has allergies, I’m now looking to green my cleaning products. Trader Joes has been a tremendous help in that department.

  4. I love epantry! I’ve been using the Yes to Carrots face wash and the body wash too. I also stocked up on those cute blue toothbrushes made from yogurt containers!

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