10 Days to Finding the Perfect Gift


According to my calender, December arrives tomorrow. That means we need to get cracking on the gifts!

But not just any old gift will do – you want your choice to be thoughtful, relevant, and most of all, used. As in, by the person who’s receiving the gift, not necessarily a thrift store find. Although…depending on personality, that sort of gift might be most welcome.

Ahem…let’s get back to the task at hand, shall we?

What I want to accomplish in this 10 day series, is to show you that picking a perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes a little creativity and thought!

When you think about it, aren’t those usually the best gifts though? I mean, who doesn’t want to hear the oohs, ahs, and see faces light up because we nailed it?

Christmas certainly isn’t all about the gifts, but when you pick a heartfelt token for a family member or friend, it makes you feel all gooey inside, because you know it’s perfect for them. And it shows how much you care.

To make things a little bit easier, I have created a catch all spot over the next 10 days. Anytime you want to reference a post, it will be right here, on this page. Since gift giving isn’t just for Christmas, you can apply these principles to birthdays, graduations, and other holidays too.

I hope this series will help you in the decision making process, even if you only glean one or two tips here and there.

I’ll be including lots of ideas, and even a couple printables for you to use. These are documents that I use every year, but instead of giving you the bare bones version, I’m making them all pretty just for you!

Won’t this be fun? Check back here Monday for our first installment, and get ready to start picking out the perfect gift!


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