Favorite Reward Programs

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With so many reward programs out there, it's hard to know which one to try first. This list is Creative Savings approved, and is a great place to start!

The following is a list of my absolute favorite reward programs – they have all been tested by me and are Creative Savings approved.

Before signing up, make sure you’ve read my post on How to Make Money with Reward Programs first, so you don’t miss any important details on how to maximize your rewards. Then have fun experimenting and earning a little extra on the side!

Cash Back Rewards

Rakutan – Rakutan has quickly become my most favorite cash back rewards site. I find myself doing much more online shopping than I used to {it’s a pain to go to 5 different stores, especially when you’re short on time}, and they have just about every store listed. Percentages range from 1%-9% cash back, and you get paid every quarter.


Staples – Even though I buy most of our printer toner at 123 Inkjets, I still find myself at Staples for a decent number of items. I’m pretty much an office supply junkie! I love that you can earn rewards on just about everything you buy, plus earn cash back on ink cartridges that you recycle – even if you didn’t purchase them from the store.

Credit Cards – I’ve been fairly open about why I think it’s OK to use credit cards as long as you pay them off every single month and don’t carry a balance. I have earned over $500 every year from our cards, and it’s so nice when the companies actually pay us for a change! If you’re still hesitant about using credit cards, you might want to read Credit Card Rewards 101, which will show you how to make your credit card work for you, and not the other way around.

Points-to-Gift Card Rewards

MyPoints – MyPoints was one of the very first reward programs I signed up for, and 5 years later, I’m still pretty happy with them! They are similar to a cash back program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend at certain stores, but you could also earn points without spending money at all. It’s the only site where I will actually take the time to do their surveys, because you still get points even if you don’t qualify.
kelloggsrewardsKellogg’s Family Rewards – I’ve been doing Kellogg’s Family Rewards for about a year, and even though the points don’t add up super fast, I’ve still received a few extra gift cards through them. I’m a pretty big fan of Mini Wheats and anything Special K brand, so I’m always collecting rewards from those. They also offer high value coupons and discounts on local attractions as special bonuses for being a part of the program.

Swagbucks – I have a love/hate relationship with Swagbucks. I can steadily collect 1 or 2 points every day by completing their daily polls, sometimes more if I’m doing searches, but honestly, I really prefer Google or Bing to search online. Swagbucks never seems to give me the best results, and I’d rather be efficient than searching for codes, but that might just be me. I know a lot of users who are really loyal to Swagbucks and love it, so if it’s working for you, then keep doing it! Plus, you get a $5 bonus just by signing up HERE.

Loyalty Rewards

Starbucks – I don’t visit Starbucks that often {I’m not a coffee drinker}, but I do have a major weakness for their Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. When you reach gold member status, you receive a free drink or food reward every 12 stars, plus exclusive offers.

Panera Bread – I always get fun surprises on my card at Panera Bread. Sometimes it’s a free soup, a cookie, or a smoothie, but I’m perfectly content with any of those three. We don’t go too often to Panera, but when we do, it’s always a treat.

CVS LogoCVS – I’m not someone who is hardcore about playing the drugstore game, and I hate running between CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens just to get the best deal. I’ve found that if I stick with CVS, I get the most bang for my buck, and I always have Extra Bucks rewards to use on my next purchase. Last time, I accidentally let $10 in rewards expire, and they gracefully took it anyway. Props to CVS!

Travel Rewards

Choice Hotels – Whenever we travel, I generally look for hotels associated with both of these brands first. Choice Hotels has places like Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, and Comfort Inn – all of which I’ve been pleased with so far.  The only drawback is most of the rewards expire in 1-2 years, so if you don’t travel a lot, it might not be worth the time. But if you’re planning a road trip, you can usually earn a free night!

I know I have most definitely not exhausted the list of reward programs out there, but these are the ones I regularly use and believe will make the biggest difference if you are just starting out. I deliberately left off all Survey Rewards because I honestly believe they are not worth the time invested, but definitely experiment to see what you like, and which ones will create the most rewards for you in less time.

Then, get ready to enjoy those gift cards and extra cash back!

What are your favorite reward programs?

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