Organize Your Cords with Washi Tape Chargers

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Washi Tape Chargers

Any electronic device owner knows how much of a pain it is to keep all those wires and cords straight.

Well, today’s project is not only fun, it’s also functional – these washi tape chargers are the solution to which-cord-does-this-one-go-to syndrome.

When I only possessed an Amazon Kindle, I had no cord problems at all. The charger was white, but that was OK. It was the only white one I had.

Then came the iPod. And the Mini iPad.

Thanks to the lovely color of Apple, I now have 3 white chargers. Oh, and should I mention Joseph’s iPhone and iPad? It’s a white wire and cord phenomenon over here.

I try to keep mine separate and organized in my nightstand drawer, but they inevitably twist themselves together when I’m not looking. The same thing happens when I take a couple necklaces with me on vacation. You too? It’s a conspiracy.

Tangled Cords

What if there was some way to distinguish each cord from one another? Stickers? Permanent Market? Washi Tape?

Washi Tape.

And so the process begins. It’s quite easy actually.

1. Pick a color or pattern that coordinates with your device

This is a must…ok, not really….but I like it so much better when everything coordinates.

I picked a tape with words for my Kindle, a red and white polka dot to match my new mini iPad case, and the white and black polka dot for my iPod to carry on the dotted theme.

Washi Tape Rolls for Washi Tape Chargers

2. Wrap your plug or cord in layers

I thought about wrapping the plug without stopping, but I didn’t want the cords to look mummified. So, I started in the back, wrapped it around to meet the tape again, and cut it.

Washi Tape Chargers

Repeat this step again, right next to the first layer. You should have two neat lines around the front and back.

Do this to all your cords, then step back and say, “Oohh, how pretty!”

Washi Tape Chargers

3. Add washi tape to the bottom of each cord

You can stop here, or you can add coordinating washi tape to the other end of the cord, where it goes into your device. And if you want to get really crazy, you can wrap the entire cord in washi tape.

Washi Tape Chargers

I decided not to go that far, because I was trying to convince Joseph to pick out a pattern for his mess of cords. It was a NO.

I’ll keep working on him. You just can’t say no to this kind of coordination. It’s a match made in washi tape heaven!

Washi Tape Chargers

FYI – Some of the wires get a little hot when charging, which makes the washi tape ends not stick as well. A little dab of glue will do the trick, and hold those stubborn ends together.

This project literally took about 5 minutes, and doesn’t cost anything more than a few rolls of washi tape, which if you already have, you’re halfway there. Certainly an inexpensive DIY proejct worth doing!

Total Cost: $1 per washi tape roll {on sale} // FREE if you already have washi tape

How do you keep your electronic chargers organized?


Where can you find washi tape? Most craft stores carry them, or you can shop online at Amazon and access a whole bunch of pattern and color choices.

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  1. I just stumbled on this post from a link from Hymns and Verses and wanted to say: This is the BEST idea I have seen from any post! I didn’t even read your entire post before I snatched up my washi tape and covered my phone charger (always borrowed and not returned by my youngest child); covered my Kindle charger and used the tape on the back of the Kindle so it matched; and labeled a camera charger and tablet charger as well. Great idea! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. You’re welcome, Carol! I’m still trying to convince my husband that he needs to do it too, but he is fighting me every step of the way. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m lucky in that I have an older iPhone/iPad so I just use the same chord for charging near my bed and in the living room we have another charger. I keep the other chargers packed away for travelling (I keep my travel bag stocked and almost ready to go so I don’t have to worry about it when I need it) so I don’t even have to unplug the one near my bed. When I do have to get a new phone, this might have to change, but at least for now I’m able to use less chargers.

  3. You said that your necklaces get tangled when you travel, I have a wonderful solution that I tried years ago and it works so well. Get yourself some of the straws from McDonalds, they are fatter, and thread one end of your chain through the straw. Once it’s all the way through, re-attach the chain. They lay nice and straight and don’t get tangled, you can roll them up in a nice scarf or piece of fabric that you can sew just for your jewelry. Hope this helps, I know it did for me! Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow, this idea is so simple that I feel kind of dumb that I have never thought of it. LOL Thanks for sharing! My husband has a whole tangle of cords with which I could try this out.

  5. This is a great idea that I must try, my cords can become quite a mess and frustrating too! Thanks for sharing. I have an idea this is going to save me a great deal of stress and time!

  6. I just heard of Washi tape this week (not sure where I’ve been). I love this idea! We have a slew of cords in this house and I love this idea way more than some others that I’ve seen.

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