Looking for a DIY Project?

Back when I first started this blog, I shared a lot of home renovations and craft projects. That’s probably why you landed on this page. You found a tutorial on Google or Pinterest and want to know where it is!

Well… I’ve since changed the direction of my content.

I’m now in the mindful productivity and personal growth space, so I took these tutorials off my site to make room for a more focused brand experience. If notebooks and spreadsheets and figuring out to manage your time and energy well piques your interest, I invite you to learn more about this site HERE!

But if you just want the crafty stuff, here are a few blogs I highly recommend:

1. Kaleidoscope Living

Tasha is just as funny in person as she is on her blog and she LOVES color! She makes her home projects sound so doable. I even used her painting tips for my RV kitchen cabinets.

2. The Homes I have made

For a crisp, clean aesthetic (and a LOT of Cricut tutorials!), visit Megan’s home on the web. I’m always impressed by her ability to make every rental feel like home.

3. Yarn + Chai

During the pandemic, I learned how to crochet as a way to lower my anxiety. I have made many of Rebecca’s patterns and love being an all-access passholder (you pay one fee to access all of her current and future crochet patterns!)

4. Young House Love

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love John and Sherry? I could read a 1,000 word blog post about sanding and still find it entertaining. I especially love how they’ve renovated their beach home.

5. Abby Organizes

Abby is phenomenal at creating functional and pretty home systems! You’ll be so inspired by her bright and clean spaces with plenty of DIY projects to explore.

I know following blogs isn’t the cool thing to do anymore, but I hope you give these gals a visit to see what they’re up to (and find a project or two to tackle!)