1. Lindsey says

    My car is filthy, but not with trash. A few months ago, I started putting all my loose papers and trash in the side door compartments. Now whenever I go to pump gas, I clean out those compartments. While there is still dirt and god knows what else in my car, there isn’t any trash! Baby steps right?

  2. Sue difiore says

    Awesome! Any tips for getting film off the inside of windows / windshield? Not smoke (we don’t) possibly a/c residue. Tried Dawn still a hard scrub

    • Roxy says

      I clean with shaving cream. Sounds silly but I used it on my mirrors in baths at home as anti fog during shower and it worked so on a whim tried in car. Do mine monthly.

  3. Erin says

    Great ideas :). With six kids and their various activities we spend an inordinate amount of time in the car. It can get gross in a hurry.

    I once decided that I deserve a sparkling clean vehicle and spent hours cleaning it out-right down to q-tips in the crevices. I was so happy to see it clean! My husband looked at it and said, thanks but you didn’t need to go to all that trouble. I was baffled until he reminded me that he was using my suburban to bring wrestlers to camp for a week. I almost cried.

  4. Debbie says

    These are great ideas! And once it gets anywhere above -32 here (probably May) I am going to attempt to clean up my vehicles and use these ideas. Thanks!

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