What to Give the Hardest Working Woman in Your Life

Spa gift baskets can easily be customized based on the woman you want to spoil, and the size of your budget. Follow this simple “formula” to create a one-of-kind pamper basket from scratch, and find out which items are a MUST to include. Great as a Mothers Day gift idea, last minute Christmas gift, or just because!

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Spa gift baskets can easily be customized based on the woman you want to spoil, and the size of your budget. Follow this simple "formula" to create a one-of-kind pamper basket from scratch, and find out which items are a MUST to include. Great as a Mothers Day gift idea, last minute Christmas gift, or just because!

I have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t love pampering.

Now when I say pamper, I’m sure you’re conjuring up all sorts of images that include white fluffy robes, fresh flowers on the night stand, and a masseuse standing by ready to meet your every need {or at least sore muscles}. Some of us relish that kind of pampering. But in actuality, pampering comes in all shapes in sizes, depending unique personality of the woman you want to spoil. As it should be!

One of the ways I love doing this is with gift baskets. They work for any budget, no matter how much or little you have to give. Want to spend just $10 dollars? Create a mini basket full of tiny odds and ends. Have $100? Go all out and load it up with extra treats and a gift card or two.

You can make a spa gift basket as big or little as you want, and because they’re super customizable, they work for absolutely anyone on your list this Holiday season!

The Most Important Factor: What Items to Include

Digging a basket out of your back closet is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to actually put in it.

First of all, remember to keep the needs and wants of your individual in mind. Is this basket for your mom? Your sister? Your aunt? Your sister-in-law? Make each basket about the person, and think about what items they would enjoy and feel pampered with.

Some might love the entire spa-like experience, others prefer acts of service and want homemade coupons for dish duty or bathroom cleanup. Or, you could gift them a paid trip to Starbucks and money to spend at their favorite store. The point is to make them feel loved and adored!

Pamper Basket | Creative Savings

Here is a general “formula” you can tweak according to recipient:

  • Reading material – Include a new book by a favorite author, or a couple of magazines on her favorite topic.
  • A Favorite Treat – Does she love sweet or salty? Add in nuts, chocolate, candy, or another bag of goodies for her to enjoy.
  • Personal Care Products – Make her feel confident and beautiful with a new lipstick, nail polish, and/or lotion.
  • Home Products – Add a fresh scent to her home with a pretty candle or nourishing hand soap. My latest indulgence is the Essenza line, which are formulated with pure essential oils. They’re also free from all that artificial stuff, and smell absolutely divine. My favorites for sure are the Mango Agave and Pear Glace!

Pamper Basket | Creative Savings

You can find a selection of Essenza hand soaps at retailers like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Safeway, Duane Reade, Costco, and HEB, but I love how easily you can add them to your Amazon shopping cart, since that’s where I shop most of the time anyway.

Would You Like to Win a Hand Soap Set?

Essenza is generously giving away TWO hand soap sets for you to enjoy at home, and/or give to a friend. You could even use them as gifts to build your very own spa gift baskets!

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I know the majority of the readers here are women, but sometimes we have to give a gentle nudge to the men in our life to let them know exactly what we want. It’s hard, I know, because we want so much for them to read our minds! But in this case, I’m sure they could use a little help.

Share this post on your Facebook page and tag hubby as a major hint, or email him the link letting him know this is something you would appreciate for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just because. I know it doesn’t sound like very much of a surprise, but in reality, it should be very interesting to see exactly what he chooses to put in your basket!

Who would you give a pamper basket to?

What would you love to receive in a pamper basket?


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  1. AS a hard working woman I totally love the idea of the paper basket – however I strongly disagree with the magazines. My mother in law used to bring me heaps of magazines and I just didn’t have the time or desire to read them.. I’d rather be on pinterest than reading a magazine. I;m on the phone and computer all day – reading emails, reading white papers, reading about competitors, reading, reading, reading. Magazines make me feel like I need to do more projects, buy more clothes, redecorate, work out more – they stress me out!
    But the coupon idea (for chores), coffee gift card, and a massage or mani/pedi card? Now THAT is brilliant. Even a coupon from my husband and kids that says “the remote is ALL YOURS for an entire night” would be appreciated. A coupon saying “we will feed the cats, clean their water bowl and scoop the litter for a week” would be nirvana!
    What would make me the most happy? Having dinner prepared for me and having the dishes done. I think I would faint.
    Thanks for thinking of us working gals!!

    1. Glad you liked the ideas, Stacey! Now you just need to nonchalantly forward them to those who need to know πŸ˜‰

      I know what precisely you mean about magazines making you feel like there are more projects to be done! I feel the same way about Pinterest sometimes, but I really enjoy being able to sit down and read something that isn’t on a screen from time to time. Your thoughts on magazines highlight how important it is to know the personality and likes of the exact person you are shopping for!

  2. My mom has always loved getting luxury gift baskets. I’m sure that she’ll appreciate a basket that I made. I was trying to think of things that I should put in it, so these suggestions will help make it easier to fill it with goodies that she would like. Putting things like her favorite magazines, treats, lipsticks, nail polish, and lotions would make the perfect gift basket that she’ll love to get for her birthday this year. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Your welcome, Deanna. Hopefully you’ve entered the giveaway. Maybe I can help you fill that basket with some free soaps! πŸ™‚

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