Easy DIY Candy Jar Gift

Don’t waste your time scrolling through “thousands of candy jar ideas”. This is THE DIY candy jar you’ve been looking for!! Quick. Easy. And oh-so-cute.

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This DIY candy jar is too cute—and it comes with printable gift tags! Why has no one told me about using a muffin liner for the lid before?!

As much as I wish I was that person who makes gorgeous homemade treats all the time, the fact is….I’m not.

Oh, I have my moments, of course. There are days when I throw back to my cake decorating era and go wild with gorgeous sugar cookies and drizzled treats. But sometimes you need a break. You need something fast. And you need something CUTE.

That’s where this homemade-ish Christmas treat gift comes in. You only need five supplies, and five minutes to work your magic. It’s ridiculously simple, but makes a stunning presentation!

Supplies Needed:

The Project:

Step 1: Clean a medium size mason jar and fill with Christmas treats. I used mini Hershey bars and mini Snickers, Twix, Milky Ways, etc.

DIY Candy Jar

Step 2: Place lid on top of jar, and cover with a pretty cupcake liner. Screw band on top of lid and liner.

DIY Candy Jar gift using a cute muffin liner as a cover

Step 3: Print treat tags on sturdy card stock, hole punch, and thread with a matching ribbon. You can download the treat tags HERE.

Free printable gift tags for the DIY Candy Jar gift

And you’re done!

Finished product - DIY Candy Jar Gift with Gift Tag tied on

I keep a few of these jars on hand for party hostesses, to bring to a secret Santa exchange, or as a simple “thank you” gift that goes above and beyond the typical card. They’re so easy, you might just want to give them to everyone on your list!

Plus, if you’re interested, I have 21 more easy handmade gift ideas you’ll love to give this Christmas. Most cost less than $5.00, and you can make each of them under an hour!

What treats do you like to give during the Holidays?


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  1. What a cute idea! I love giving homemade gifts too, and this one seems quick and easy – right up my alley! I love the idea of using a cupcake liner for the lid to make it festive! You could even put something like popcorn, chex-mix, or little cookies in there! I like to give out cookies but I usually put them in those little dollar store Christmas bags. I love this idea much better though, thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome, Katherine. The cupcake lids are so easy and they give the gifts that extra bit of cuteness.

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