7 Luxury Beauty Products that are Worth the Splurge

While I’m frugal to the core, these best beauty products are ones I just won’t skimp on. Curious to know what’s truly worth the splurge?

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These 7 beauty products are totally worth the splurge. Whether you're searching for the best foundation, the perfect hair, great nail polish, or age fighting miracles, this girl is right on. Spend money on brands that work! #beautyproducts #luxurybeauty #worththesplurge #bestbeautyproducts

Does anyone else get sucked into watching beauty vloggers on YouTube?

I’m simply fascinated by their personalities and talent! Probably because I’m no expert when applying my own makeup or curling my hair.

My attempt at the smokey eye leaves me looking like I just left a bar fight, and after hours of trying to coax my thick hair into the beach wave, I still look like I just woke up with a frizzy bed head. But my philosophy is, if you can’t do something, you just watch other people do it!

Happily, through these videos, as well as recommendations from friends and family, I’ve found a variety of products that simplify my beauty routine, allow me to look my best, and don’t require a whole lot of effort. Mainly because they WORK.

However, they’re not the cheapest options out there.

Over the years, I’ve learned that as much joy as saving money gives me, I should not skimp on products that produce the results I want. Trust me, I’ve tried the cheapest version, and wasted money {even if it was only $3} on items that don’t last.

I choose to pay extra because I’m in love with how the product works, and I’d rather not penny pinch my way into frustration because cheaper products continue to fail.

7 Best Beauty Products You Can Invest In With Confidence

1. Mary Kay Cream Eye Color {$14}

Powder eye shadow rubs off the moment I touch my eyes, but this cream eye color from Mary Kay stays on all day. I still use a powder for the crease and toward the end of the eyelid to create depth, but this creamy version is my go-to base before applying the powder.

My favorite color is Beach Blonde with a chocolate-colored powder around the edge, but I’ll also wear Metallic Taupe alone.

Don’t have a Mary Kay consultant? Send me a message and I can hook you up with my sister-in-law!

2. Naked Foundation by Urban Decay {$40}

Lauren from The Thinking Closet is a close friend and also part of my mastermind group. Every time we meet up, I can’t help but admire her makeup! One day I just came right out and asked, “What do you use to make your skin look so flawless?” Her answer changed my life: Naked Foundation by Urban Decay.

Instead of feeling cakey or heavy, this weightless formula feels like a natural extension of my skin. I apply the foundation with a concealer brush, and it lasts at least 8 hours. That’s 6 hours more than my previous brand!

You can get the foundation at Sephora {there’s normally one inside JCPenney}, and I recommend getting your color tested so you can get the right shade before making that investment. Mine is 3.5.

3. Kenra Shampoo and Conditioner {$35}

A few appointments ago, my hairdresser used Kenra Shampoo and Conditioner to wash my hair. She’s always trying different brands, but this time I could not believe the difference in how my hair felt. It blew out and straightened so nicely! Usually there are a few stubborn waves that take multiple attempts to tame.

Not with Kenra. A bottle lasts about 6 months, and because they are color-safe, my investment in root touchups and highlights does not {literally} run down the drain.

4. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. {$28}

I first heard about this brightening powder from Kate at The Small Things Blog, but hesitated to click the official “Add to Cart” button for months. With a price tag this high, I had no idea whether or not it would be worth it! Well, Kate has yet to steer me wrong because when I dab this powder on top of my concealer with a small brush, my under eye area looks noticeably lighter and brighter. It also keeps my concealer from settling into my 30-year old wrinkles, too—double win!

I did a test on each eye (one with and one without) and both my mom and Joseph noticed that the one with this powder looked brighter and more blended. So it IS worth it!

I dab it on with a small brush on top of my concealer (another perk: it keeps concealer from creasing!)

5. Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner {$26}

I wish the bottle wasn’t so tiny {and expensive!}, but this leave-in conditioning cream softens and smooths my hair without feeling heavy, making it my favorite frizz-defying splurge. 

I squirt about a dime-sized dollop in my palm, rub my hands together, and work it through my hair starting with the ends and moving my way up top. I also focus on my crown area since I have a lot of “chicken hairs” {the tiny strands that stick straight up}!

6. Essie Nail Polish {$9}

After trying multiple nail polish brands out there, I discovered Essie is hands down my favorite. The formula {especially the gel couture collection} is AMAZING. It’s not clumpy. Not watered down. The colors are true to the bottle, and the polish stays on for at least 5 days if you use their fast-drying top coat.

I used to not paint my nails very often, because I would have to redo them after one day. But not with Essie. Now I am obsessed with keeping a pretty polish on my fingertips!

7. My Hair Dresser

While technically not a product, I can’t finish this post without mentioning my hair dresser. I pay a LOT for her, but she is worth every penny! After multiple terrible hair cuts that resulted in tears and frustration, I swore to myself that quality would always trump price.

Having someone who knows hair—and continues to educate herself about it by going to conferences and trade shows—is totally worth it. Because it’s such a big chunk of our budget every 8 weeks, I budget for it just like I would with any monthly bill. That means I always have money for the hair cut/color when I go.

A Tip on How to Find Beauty Products that Work

Here’s the thing—if you are frustrated by beauty products that don’t work, you may need to increase your budget until you find something that does. I know, I know, it may be painful, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I still use some amazing, inexpensive products  {I have a $5 eyeliner that I LOVE!}, so hear me when I say I firmly believe there are cheap options out there that can make us look and feel beautiful. 

However, I would rather spend money on a quality item that produces results, rather than waste it on a cheaper, less-effective alternative.

What Beauty Product is a Splurge for You?

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  1. So funny that the first comment is about the same foundation I was going to mention – obviously it’s really good! Love my Bye Bye Foundation, and it’s SPF50.

    My other note is about Mary Kay. I have been using it since I was a teenager, and now in my early 40s, I swear I look younger than my peers. It definitely works. And if you have a few people you know who can band together to order, it’s totally worth become a personal use consultant. I think enrollment is a one-time fee of $99, and then you get everything at wholesale – 50% off. I order for myself and my parents about 3 times per year, and that’s how we all afford to keep ourselves in good skincare and makeup. 😊

    My other beauty hack is a new product called Color Street. Nail polish strips that are 100% nail polish but go on 95% dry so no salon or dry time. It’s amazing!

  2. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation. It’s $65, but it lasts a long time since I dont wear make-up every day. I’ve never had a flawless look before, but this stuff is amazing. It also lasts the entire day.

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