Day 26: Grab Gift-Giving Supplies for Less

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From saving at the store, to repurposing everyday items around your home, these 6 thrifty tips will help you save on cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, and more!

I don’t really have a problem over-spending on gifts, instead, I’m the person that goes simply wild over gifting supplies. I love ribbon, bows, cute little tags, and don’t get me started on the paper — I like to have a particular pattern and color for every person/family I’m giving too. I know….just a teensy bit over the top, perhaps?

But I truly love everything about shopping for, wrapping, and embellishing all those gifts. Even if that pretty package will ultimately be chewed into long before December 25th. Twix has no idea what the words off-limits means — then again, she gets away with most everything with a cute wiggle of that adorable nose!

Today I’m dishing on all my favorite tips, tricks, and places to grab all my gift-giving supplies for less, so you can score some pretty sweet savings too. Just please don’t fight me in the seasonal section at Target for the last box of Christmas cards. I’ll probably win.

How to Grab Gift-Giving Supplies for Less:

1. Stock up after Christmas – After-Christmas sales are some of my favorite ways to restock my stash. If you go shopping right away, you’ll definitely find better pickings, but great discounts…..not-so-much. I like to wait until Target has their seasonal supplies on sale for at least 70% off, then I go back again when it’s 90%. There’s always a few things left that I need {like bows or cards}, and I can buy them for just pennies! I also like to grab all of my high-quality wrapping paper online from Current. It usually goes down to about $.99 per roll, and the luxurious thickness of it just makes me swoon — it’s seriously the only stuff I’ll use!

2. Use Wrapping Paper Alternatives – If you’d rather not pay for wrapping paper at all, use a creative alternative to cover your gift that looks just as pretty. Sunday comics, fabric pieces, burlap ribbon, tissue paper, and even magazines work great! If you want a more cohesive and homespun look, grab a roll of brown kraft paper and give it your creative touch.

3. Repurpose Cardboard Boxes – Joseph is probably sick of all the cardboard boxes we’ve collected over the years, but when it comes to gifting presents, they are my favorite ways to hold just about any item. I can’t stand oddly shaped gifts, so I keep my box stash on hand to accommodate every shape and size. This means I’m always on the lookout for packages that come in the mail, or various product boxes from the store. Just about anything can be turned into a reusable gift box!

4.  Make Your Own Cards and Tags – If I’m not able to stock up on cards and gift tags after the Holidays, I enjoy combing through my craft supplies to make my own. Simple card-stock, stickers, and creative punches are all you need to create a gorgeous handmade card that will be treasured for years to come. Whip up a few gift tags with rubber stamps, or repurpose last year’s Christmas cards as tags with a pretty paper punch.

5. Snag Your Ribbon at Michaels – I simply love when spools of ribbon at Michaels are 70%-80% off, and sometimes, it’s even before the Holidays! They always have so many fun designs and patterns to choose from, and are much more stylish then the cheap curling ribbon that rips every time I hack at it with a pair of scissors. {Does this ever happen to anyone else?} Double up with a 25% coupon — sometimes, crafts stores will offer this on top of discount items.

6.  Shop at the Dollar Store – The dollar store is my absolute favorite place to buy tissue paper and gift bags because it’s so stinkin’ cheap! And depending on which one you go to, the selection isn’t bad at all. Dollar Trees are probably my favorite because they have the cleanest stores and everything really is still a dollar. If you’re not into making Christmas cards this year, pick up a box while you’re there too.

Today’s Challenge:

Set aside a few minutes to look through your gift-giving supplies and see what you actually need this year before heading to the store. Then try to come up with ways to “go without” those items and replace them with something else around your house!   

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  1. Do you keep your gift wrapping paper on the rolls it came on Or do you remove it from the roll, and fold it to save storage space? How do you organize your gift wrapping supplies?

    1. I keep mine on the roll in a storage box like this:, although I am thinking of switching to a tall, but pretty garbage can so I can access the rolls easier. I then keep my scissors and spools of ribbon in the bin too, with bows in a separate bag so they don’t get squished. For gift bags, I have them standing up flat in a big gift bag. I have one for Christmas, Birthday, and Other. Hope that helps give you a better idea of what I do!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kalyn. I love Michaels. They have bins where I’m at and the ribbon in there is super cheap, even the smaller width ribbon spools are only $1. Another thing I like to use is organza bags for littler gifts. You can get them on eBay in packages of like 50-200 (different sizes avail.) and they are about 5 cents – 25 cents each. Pretty cheap and they look beautiful. I have a business on eBay and give those in every order and I always get raves about them being in gift-giving presentation. πŸ™‚

  3. I always love stocking up on Christmas supplies in the post- Christmas sales also! So many great bargains to be had!

    Some great tips!

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