11 Gift Ideas for Every Introvert in Your Life

Introverts get a bad rap as being shy, anti-social, or both! But that’s just not true! Help change the narrative with these stylish gifts for introverts!
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Confession: I'm an introvert and I STILL don't know what to get my introvert friends & family for birthdays and Christmas! Until now, that is! This list of introvert gift ideas has the perfect mix of funny, sarcastic, and even serious, too. Let's face it: introverts get a bad rap as being shy, anti-social, or both! But that's just not true! These gifts help change the narrative! #giftsforintroverts #bestgiftsforintroverts #introverted #introvert #introvertgifts

Do you have a special introvert in your life?

If you’re not sure, she’s probably the one who sometimes declines invitations to parties (and hardly ever hosts them), spends money on comfy sweaters (and books), and doesn’t pick up when you call…but she’d be more than happy to text!

This go-to gift list is specially curated by an introvert (that’s me!) for introverts. So if you’re not sure what your introvert BFF will love, you can be sure one of these gifts will please. (Or at least get a good laugh.)

Here’s to a wild Friday night…alone!

The Best Gifts for Introverts

1. Too Peopley Outside Tee

too peoply outside tee

While walking through Banff National Park in Canada recently, I saw a gal about my age wearing this “Too Peopley” shirt. Oh, how this introvert resonates with that! (And, yes, I did later search for that shirt online and bought it!) I’m convinced every introvert should own one.

2. I Can’t People Today Mug 

Along the same lines, what better way to say you’re not ready to speak until you finish your coffee (or maybe not even after!) than to use this mug with a message! It seems like a big enough hint.

3. Go Away Doormat

welcome mat with "Go Away" text

Our grandparents may have grown up in an era where unplanned visits were a thing; people just stopped by unannounced all the time! But nowadays, text me first. And just turn around if you’re greeted by this doormat. Unless you’re delivering my Amazon package!

4. Small Talk Survivor Sticker

Have you ever left a party exhausted but proud of yourself because you exchanged “hi, how are you’s” with at least bajillion people and lived to tell the tale? Now you can pat yourself on the back (or help the introvert in your life do the same!) with these fun stickers that make the perfect gifts for introverts!

5. Introvert tote Bag

There is just no other joy in life than a cancelled meeting, am I right? The relief, the wonder of what to do with an extra hour! Enjoy that feeling all the time with this Introvert Tote bag!

6. Selectively Social Tee

Introverts get a bad rap as being shy, anti-social, or both! But that’s just not true! Rather, introverts recharge alone and feel drained after long periods of time with people (or short periods of time with certain people). Help change the narrative with this cute tee that makes a darling addition to your stash of introvert gifts.

7. Let’s Stay Home Sign

Homebodies unite (separately)! Celebrate your love of home with this beautiful lettered sign you can hang anywhere in your home (the closer to the front door, the better).

8. Introvert Pencils

If the introvert in your life is also a student or a writer, these pencils are perfect for them! Not only are they funny; some could be their new motto.

9. MBTI Jewelry

I’m an INFJ and proud of it! If the introvert in your life knows and loves the MBTI personality assessment as much as I do, she’ll be thrilled to receive jewelry personalized to her type! In my opinion, these definitely rank up there as one of the top best gifts for introverts.

10. Homebody by Joanna Gaines

the book HomeBody by Joanna Gaines

I haven’t yet read this book but who doesn’t love Chip and Jo? I adored my time at the Magnolia Market and have this book on my wish list (hint hint). The introvert in your life will love this gift designed to help us homebodies love the home we’re in!

11. Quiet by Susan Cain

the book Quiet by Susan Cain

This New York Times bestseller took introverts by storm a couple years ago, and it’s just as relevant today! Inspire and encourage your favorite introvert with this in-depth look at what makes them tick and why the world needs them. Bonus: there’s also a kid’s version!

Wrap up your gift with pretty paper and a bow, then stop by and let your favorite introvert know you were thinking of them. Just remember to text first!

Are you an introvert or do you have an introvert loved one in your life?

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  1. Fellow INFJ here … this list made me chuckle. Did you know Susan Cain has a book for kids and teens as well? The title is Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids. The media specialist at the school where I teach handed me a copy, and it was also delightful. I’d read her book for grownups years ago, but the version for students had some helpful reminders too!
    May you have plenty of restorative alone time this holiday season! πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Brie!

      I don’t think I knew that, I’m going to have to check it out!

      Hope you find time to recharge as well. 😁

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