11 Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Loves Puns

Commemorate dad’s corny humor with this unique collection of punny fathers day gifts! Guaranteed to induce a hearty laugh….or groan.

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Commemorate dad's corny humor with this unique collection of punny fathers day gifts! Guaranteed to induce a hearty laugh....or groan.

My father is an expert “punster,” which according to The Free Dictionary is actually a word—a person who is fond of making puns, esp one who makes a tedious habit of this.


I grew up learning the perfectly timed eye roll, while my friends were the ones laughing at his jokes. It was a very long and difficult childhood!

Little did I know I would later marry the ultimate pun master. Joseph literally wastes brain cells coming up with the darn things, and don’t even get him started with his brothers. Most of the time I give him the eyebrow raise, but I admit….sometimes I DO interject with a zinger or two. Since I can’t escape it, I might as well embrace it, right?

With Father’s Day coming up soon, I knew I just had to commemorate this quirky characteristic. These perfectly chosen gifts will shower your man or dad with some pun-inspired love!

1. The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes

Dad will never run out of material with this massive collection of punny jokes. It’s full of clever one-liners and groan-inducing quips!dad-jokes

2. “This is Not a Drill” Magnet or Sticker

If dad has a shed or workshop, this cute magnet makes a great accessory for metal cabinets. (You can also get it as a waterbottle sticker!) Perfect for the guy who takes his tools seriously, but his humor…not so much!

3. “Pun Intended” Tee

Dad’s jokes may not always be funny, but they’re always intended. Give him a well-deserved laugh with this punny tee! (Or you can DIY with The Thinking Closet’s tutorial)

4. “You Rule” Mug

The “#1 Dad” mug is so last year. Not because it’s not true of course, but because it’s not a “Dad” mug unless it “forces” bad puns on those who see it. Hmmm….that was a stretch, wasn’t it? Well, just check out this mug. You can pick the accent colors to match your favorite Dad’s preferred colors, too.

5. “Cereal Killer” Spoon

How fun is this spoon?? My dad is a huge cereal eater—Frosted Mini Wheats is his jam—and I take right after him. In case you’re wondering, reviews say this spoon goes through the dishwasher with no issues.


6. Punderdome Game

Buy this if you can spend hours laughing… or at least rolling your eyes with your favorite punny father. The goal is to see who can create the BEST pun in this fun game!pin

 7. Punny Keychain

Every time dad grabs his keys, he’s bound to smile with this awesome musical reminder. Bonus if he’s also a guitar player!


8. Beard Tee

If your dad has as much facial hair as he does puns, then this tee should be on the top of your Father’s Day gift list. His humor kind of grows on you too.

9. Galaxy Golf Towel

For the dad who hits the greens but his scores are universally made up, this accessory just might improve his game.course

10. “Drinks on Me” Coaster

Nothing says “Dad Joke” like literal humor. These “Drinks are on Me” coasters fit that description to a T! You bet these coasters are coming out when the guys are over for the next football game.

11. Minnow Mug

For the dad who loves a weekend at the lake almost as much as he loves his puns, this mug captures both of his favorite things. Carp-e Diem.


Have a favorite gift from this collection? Share below which item you loved best and give me your best dad-inspired pun!

Is Your Dad a Punny Guy?

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