In Honor of Valentine’s Day, Here Are 12 Ideas for a Cozy Night In

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No need to fight the crowds or call in a babysitter. These super creative Valentines Day ideas at home help you create the cozy, romantic evening you’ve been dreaming of!

Sometimes you just want to spend valentines day without the hassle of making reservations and going out on the town. These super creative valentines day ideas at home will help you create the cozy, romantic evening you've been dreaming of! #valentinesday #datenightideas #datenightin

It’s always nice to go out for Valentine’s Day, but sometimes a cozy evening at home sounds like heaven compared to a noisy dinner at a crowded restaurant, amiright?

From one homebody to another, I totally get the appeal of a romantic night in—a night when you don’t have to hire a babysitter, worry about being late for your reservation, or choose heels over your comfy flats.

So in name of saving money…and your sanity, here’s how to create an equally epic Valentine’s day, right at home.

And If you’re looking for the perfect romantic gift to complete your Valentine’s celebration, these gifts are classy, fun and sure to be something your man will enjoy!

1. Host a fondue party for two

Dust off your fondue pot and set out pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, or anything else you want to dip in chocolate! If you don’t have a fondue set, you can still have a lot of fun with a double boiler and melted chocolate chips. For an extra bonus, pair your fondue night with a round of Chocolate-opoly.

2. Pull out a favorite game or learn a new one

My husband, Joseph, loves strategic board games and even has an entire blog dedicated to them! He recommends Codenames Duet if you’re looking for a cooperative puzzle-like game for two.

3. Eat dinner off fun disposable plates

I know it’s not eco friendly, but you can score some great deals on paper products at Michaels or Target, (or this pretty set from Amazon!) and it’s less you have to wash! Keep an eye out for after-Valentine’s Day deals and snag a few stacks for next year.

4. Try a new dessert recipe

If you don’t mind working together in the kitchen, it can be a lot of fun picking out a scrumptious recipe (like these conversation heart sugar cookies) and making it side by side. This cookbook by Sally’s Baking Addiction is also packed with goodies that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Play the Not-So-Newlywed Game

Print out these fun questions from The Dating Divas and give ’em a whirl. The goal is to come up with the same answers, but you learn a lot from each other when they turn out vastly different!

6. Dig out the crafting supplies and make each other a V-day card

Seem a little silly? Maybe, but I bet you’ll actually have a little fun—you can say whatever you want! Here are 50 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas to get you started.

7. Snuggle on the couch for a movie night

A movie night at home is much cheaper than going out to the theater and there are always Redbox deals floating around the internet that will give you a free rental or knock $.50 off a DVD. Add popcorn for the whole home-theater experience.

8. Declare your own #Throwback Thursday

It’s always fun to remember the good times and share a laugh or two. Go through photo albums, Facebook pictures, journal entries, and/or letters, and relive the memories. While you’re at it, fill out this Couples Journal as a way to commemorate everything you love about one another.

9. Brainstorm future date night ideas

Set a timer and jot down as many date night (or day!) ideas you can think of. Then narrow it down to your favorite twelve and nab Lauren’s printable to make your own pre-planned date nights mini book.

10. Make it a spa night

Light candles (this is the best smelling scent you’ll ever experience), dim the lights, and unwind with a massage or soak in a hot bath. If you treat yourself to a new nail polish earlier in the day, you now have a legitimate excuse to pretty up your fingers and toes.

11. Plan a dream vacation

Choose a spot you both are dying to visit and plan your itinerary as if you were really going! Need some ideas? Flip through this travel book together, then take the first step to make your dream come true by opening a Dobot Account and stash away $25 toward that goal.

12. Tackle a DIY

Scan all those projects you’ve saved on Pinterest and settle on one you’re both excited to work on together at home. Shop for all the supplies a few days before V-day, then put on some tunes and start creating!

Whatever activity you choose, I hope you have a romantic and equally fun Valentine’s Day—one that encourages you to step back from the busy and appreciate that special someone in your life.

Which at-home date idea is your favorite?

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  1. Ill take the idea of nice candle light dinner (picnic in my living room on the floor… And then afterwards making it into our bathroom for a little Spa moment… Then we’ll end up in our bedroom. Thanx for nice ideas…

  2. Another idea is using your “fancy” china, cook a meal, then get all gussied up in your fancy clothes and stay home πŸ™‚

    Great ideas Kalyn!

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