24 DIY Gift Basket Ideas

These DIY gift basket ideas make the perfect gifting option for any budget. Use the suggestions in this post to start, or create your own unique theme!

One of my very favorite gifts to give during the Holidays has to be hands-down, the gift basket.

I recently discovered my love for gift baskets when I created a retirement-themed one for a dear manager and friend of mine. Shopping for each unique filler item combined with all that pretty packaging was just as fun as actually giving her the gift {if not more!}

Besides, who doesn’t like to receive a container full of goodies to unwrap, savor, and enjoy? It think it’s 10x better than any one gift on it’s own for sure.

Since I’m going to be putting together a few baskets this year as gifts {spoiler alert!}, I thought it would be fun to do an inspirational roundup of my absolute favorite gift basket ideas from 24 talented bloggers around the web.

You are going to swoon when you see how cute these are.

Pin them to your gift ideas board right away so you don’t forget to reference these charming packages the next time you have a graduation, baby shower, or family Christmas exchange to attend.

All you’ll need is a simple basket, your supplies, a giant roll of cellophane {the cheapest option is from Amazon}, and a pretty ribbon for the top. Now you’re ready to tackle your baskets!

From hostess gifts, to spa and relaxation packages, you will love these creative gift basket ideas for her!

 1. Hostess Basket // 2. Baking Basket // 3. Relaxation Basket  // 4. Gardener’s Basket {Similar}// 
5. Kitchen Basket  {Similar}// 6. Pedi Basket

From camping kits, to handy-man buckets, you will love these creative gift basket ideas for him!

1.Sports Basket // 2. Car Wash Basket // 3. Handyman Basket // 4. Coffee Basket //
5. Camping Basket // 6. BBQ Basket
From movie night buckets, to snow day survival kits, you will love these creative gift basket ideas for families!
1. Cuddle Basket for Two // 2. Movie Night Basket // 3. Snow Day Basket // 4. Ice Cream Sundae Basket // 5. Root Beer Float Basket // 6. Doggie Basket 

From popular Frozen kits, to little artist buckets, you will love these creative gift basket ideas for kids!

1. Frozen Basket // 2. Baby Basket // 3. Toddler Basket  // 4. Science Experiment Basket //
5. Love to Cook Basket // 6. Little Artist Basket

Adapt these ideas item-for-item, or come up with your own fillers and unique themes. You can also create baskets as large or as small as you like, which makes them a thrifty gifting option for every budget.

Just be sure to keep your recipient in mind as you shop, and they’ll likely appreciate your thoughtful gift even more!

Have you ever put together a gift basket?


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    1. I don’t have a specific basket idea, but since they will be starting their own business, a basket filled with office supplies would be really nice. Include pretty pens, post-it notes, business card holders, and maybe even a real estate or home based magazine. The most important part is that you put effort into creating the gift, and that will show beyond any item you include!

  1. I have done new mom baskets for my stepdaughter and niece to take when visiting in the hospital. A lot of it is practical like pads and lip gloss, but the main point is that it’s almost all for the mom. So much focus gets shifted to the baby after birth, and mom still needs love too.

    1. I LOVE this idea, Angie. You are so right — everything regarding a new birth is all about the baby, which is fine, but moms deserve that extra pampering to know they are loved. 🙂

  2. Hello, the Toddler Basket Link doesn’t work it re-routes to the science basket. Any possible that you could update that I would love to see everything that went into it, thanks!

  3. I love gift baskets! They are so much fun to shop for! All these ideas are great! Giving a couple of them for Christmas!

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