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Chewy M&M Cookies

Need a cookie recipe that results in sugary perfection? These Chewy M&M Cookies taste SO GOOD and freeze well too!

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Need a cookie recipe that results in sugary perfection? These Chewy M&M Cookies taste SO GOOD and freeze well too! They're an easy-to-tote addition to parties, movie nights, bake sales, etc, and almost everyone I know is obsessed with this recipe. Be prepared to hand out multiple copies to your guests! #cookierecipe #chewycookes #candycookies #easycookierecipe #kidfriendlycookies

I loved M&M cookies as a kid, and still find myself reaching for them as an adult. I like to crack the candy coating in my mouth, and savor the chocolate part for as long as I can. Anyone else do this too?

Maybe I’m just weird!

Anyway, when my sister-in-law gave me this recipe and it resulted in cookie perfection, I knew I had to share the secret to perfect M&M cookies with you. These are an easy-to-tote addition to parties, movie nights, bake sales, etc, and they are so good, almost everyone I know raves about the recipe.

At first, I was a little concerned that this recipe called for shortening, as I try to stick to the real stuff {butter} as much as possible, but maybe that’s why they taste so darn good? I may do some experimenting in the future, but I hate to mess up the recipe. Bad things happen when I go off-grid in the kitchen!

So until then, I’ll just leave these for a once-in-a-while treat, then invite people over (I really AM trying to get better at this!) to share them with me at least once a month. 😉

How to Make Chewy M&M Cookies:

Step 1: Beat the shortening and sugars together.


Step 2: Add the eggs and vanilla, then beat well.


Step 3: Mix in the dry ingredients.


Ohhh…don’t you just love cookie dough? This mixture tastes divine right out of the bowl.


Step 4: Fold in M&M’s, reserving about a cup or so for the tops.


Add remaining M&M’s in strategic places…a.k.a. the tops that look a little bare.


FYI: If your cookies tend to come out a little flat, chill the dough for 20 minutes {without the M&M’s} before baking. You can also cut back on the brown sugar too.

Chewy M&M Cookies

Total Cost: $3.76 for the batch or $.20/serving (2 cookies)

M&M’s are fairly expensive, so I like to keep an eye out for coupons {there’s almost always one on Coupons.com} and of course, store sales. My goal is to pay no more than 2/$4, and if I have a coupon, it makes the deal even sweeter.

The Holidays are also a great excuse to make these sweet treats because you can easily change out the colors based on which Holiday is coming up. Or you can wait until after the Holidays and get super cheap M&M’s!

Either way, these cookies freeze like a charm, which means you can make a big batch ahead of time. Yay for easy desserts!

What are your favorite M&M recipes?

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  1. I use this recipe for chocolate chip cookies and it works very well too 🙂 I will have to share with you my absolute favorite chic chip recipe though 🙂

  2. I had so much making these with my kids today, and they were DELICIOUS! They cookie was so soft and flavorful, and I’ll definitely be making this again. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

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