9 Cute Workout Essentials Under $25

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You don't need expensive supplies to exercise! This list features all of my favorite {and cute} workout essentials, and the best part is, they all come in under $25 -- some even cost much less!

Even though I LOVE the benefits of working out, exercise does not come naturally to me at all.

If I have free time, I’d rather sit on the couch and read, spend time browsing blogs, or binge-watch a TV series, not get up and put on a fitness DVD or go for a walk. But the more I read about how bad a sedentary lifestyle is, the more I realize I need to work out and get active. Because when it comes to my health, I can’t afford not too!

But throwing on a grubby pair of shorts, baggy T-shirt, and sneakers that should have been replaced 3 years ago does not get me “in the mood”. I have to have workout gear that is cute, inspiring, and motivates me — picky, but true.

Over time, I’ve been building up my fitness collection — one new sports bra here, a fun new water bottle there — it takes time to buy all the essential supplies, and for those that don’t want to spend more than half of their paycheck on gear, it’s necessary to be patient and wait.

This list features all of my favorite {and cute!} workout essentials, and the best part is, they all come in under $25 — some even cost much less!

1. A Pretty Journal

You can’t help but smile at ALL the designs put out by Katie Daisy, and the minute I saw this beautiful journal, I knew it would be just the inspirational push I needed to track my progress. I write down all the foods I eat, as well as how they make me feel, and also track water and exercise. It’s really helped me pinpoint many of the digestive problems I had related to food, and my energy levels after working out!

I picked up my notebook at Target, but you can also snag them from Amazon for about the same price. ($11.99)

2. Water Bottle

Water bottles might seem like a simple purchase, but when I’m working out, I don’t want to fiddle with twist caps, or bulky cups. I wanted a water bottle that fit comfortably in my hands, was easy to carry, and let me grab a drink of water fast while in-between reps. I found this gem at Target (but it’s also available on Amazon), and it fit all 3 of my requirements — Yay! ($11.99)

Water Bottle | Cute Workout Essentials | Creative Savings

3. Ear Buds

I’ve always had problems with earbuds falling out of my ears, or the protective rubber pads falling off. After reading tons of reviews, I was super excited to get these Logitech Earbuds as a birthday present, and have used them for over 2 years without any problems. The sound quality is pretty fabulous, which is especially surprising for the price. The perfect addition to any playlist! ($6.99)

Logitech Earbuds | Cute Workout Essentials | Creative Savings

4. Sports Bra

Sturdy sports bras are a must, and I have one by Champion that I absolutely love. The straps are thick, the fabric fits really comfortably, and the elasticity stays in place. The one pictured here is very similar to mine, but I was unable to find the exact replica — sorry! I trust everything by this brand though, and refuse to head to the gym without it — because you know how much fun it is to work out in a regular bra…..or not. ($11.85)

Champion Sports Bra | Cute Workout Essentials | Creative Savings

5. Inspirational Tank

Remember how I said I’m more inclined to work out if I’m wearing cute or inspiring clothes? It’s absolutely true. There’s something about putting on a pretty tank or tee that immediately makes me want to do a few reps, turn on that fitness DVD, or drive to the gym. All the tanks at Blogilates are seriously swoon-worthy and motivating enough to get me off the couch! Unfortunately, they’re no longer available, but here is a cute (and cheaper!) alternative! ($19.99)

Stronger Inspirational Tank | Cute Workout Essentials | Kalyn Brooke

6. Yoga Pants

I find a lot of the shorts I have tend to ride up when I’m working out {which isn’t cool}, so when I found and tried on these comfy yoga pants from Target, I just had to have them. These are my favorite pair, and would wear them every day if I could. They make working out a breeze, and I feel much more confident knowing everything is “tucked in.” ($24.99)

7. Workout Mat

We have hardwood floors in our house, so a cushy workout mat is a must. I saved up for one from Blogilates because I absolutely loved the saying and wanted to see it everyday to motivate me to keep going. Here is a less expensive alternative, but no matter which mat you buy, make sure it’s thick enough to support your hands and feet without hurting! ($19.99)

Believe Yoga Mat | Cute Workout Essentials | Creative Savings Blog

8. Dumbbells

There are so many exercises and ways to workout with a simple set of dumbbells. I have a set of 3 lb and 5 lb weights, and get SO much use out of them! This pair is similar to mine and has a non-slip grip so you can hold onto those weights even when you sweat. Pair them with my favorite Jillian Michael’s DVD for a pretty intense workout! ($12.68)

Dumbbells | Cute Workout Essentials | Creative Savings

9. Running Shoes

Great support for your feet is a must, and even though $50-$100 running shoes feel great, I find pairs at Target are pretty comparable and cost much less. I’m currently in the market for a new sneaker, and have my eye on these beauties. ($29.99)

Don’t forget to pin the image below to your Fitness or Health Pinterest Board {or maybe a wish list!}.

Bottom Line: You don’t need expensive stuff to workout. Use what you have to motivate yourself, then save up for what you would like. Maybe even give yourself a reward for meeting one of your fitness goals!

What are your workout must-haves?


You don't need expensive supplies to exercise! This list features all of my favorite {and cute} workout essentials, and the best part is, they all come in under $25 -- some even cost much less!

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  1. ooooohhh I love blogilates videos and her cute products!! I wasn’t a natural work out inclined person either until about 10 years ago but once you get going on establishing the habit it gets much much easier and you look forward to working out (yep never thought I’d say that!) I’m in the market for some new yoga pants.. thanks for the Target heads up and the notebooks are super cute! β™₯

    1. I got that pair of yoga pants early last year and they are still going strong so the quality is great! Super comfy too!!

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