How to Keep and Maintain an Organized Home

Organizing my home has always been one of my major downfalls. It seemed like as soon as I organized a small space, it came up cluttery again!! Ugh. But I tried these six short steps to clutter-free living and have been AMAZED at how I've finally turned my home into a haven the whole family enjoys! #organization #organizedhome #organizationhacks #housekeeping #homemaking

Today, I’m sharing on Organizing Junkie 6 steps that are crucial to organizing your home and maintaining your pretty space for years to come. Just a few daily (and monthly) habits can go a long way!

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s hard enough to actually organize your home, but when it comes to maintaining it? That’s simply going too far. Okay, not really, but it’s definitely a struggle!

The reality is, that swoon-worthy Pinterest project you completed last weekend is only half the work. The key to organization is in actually keeping it that way.

Although it might be easier said than done at first, establishing a few daily and monthly habits will help maintain your pretty organized space without it being dubbed a chore. Just a little effort can go a long way, and we can continue making our homes the haven we love, and enjoy clutter-free living all year round!

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  1. I am constantly striving to be better at organizing. Maybe if I follow your tips I can keep it organized once I eventually get it to that point. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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