12 Gifts Soon-to-Be Moms Actually Want at Baby Showers

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Cute baby clothes are fun to shop for, but are they really what a brand new mom needs? This can’t miss list of best gifts for new moms features 12 items every expectant mother should have before baby arrives. Now you know exactly what to buy for future baby showers!

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Cute baby clothes are fun to shop for, but are they really what a brand new mom needs? This can't miss list of best gifts for new moms features 12 items every expectant mother should have before baby arrives. Now you know exactly what to buy for future baby showers!

I attended the most adorable baby shower for a friend last weekend {who also happens to be my lovely assistant!}, and we could not stop oohing and ahhing and saying “how cute” everything was as she pulled them out of equally adorable baby blue bags.

But it got me thinking…..what do you give at a baby shower? Cute baby outfits are fun to shop for, but are they what soon-to-be moms really want or need? Is there something we could do better to assist new moms in preparing for their little one to arrive, while still making her feel loved and cherished?

I asked my momma Facebook friends what they thought were the most useful gifts they received at baby showers, and I think you’re going to love their answers. These gifts are the best of the best, and will be so practical for any future baby showers you attend!

And now, onto the gifts!

1. Diapers

This is the typical baby essential, right? But moms go through an insane amount of diapers every day, and they can get expensive rather quick! Some moms have a preference, so you might want to ask before picking up a box or two, but then again, they also might like to try a variety before knowing which brand is best for them and their baby. When in doubt, donate to their diaper fund through their registry! [Available on Amazon]

2. Wet Bags

When you’re on the go, you never know when a diaper change will happen. Wet bags contain the smell and transport dirty diapers without the stink. Buy one or buy a few, but soon-to-be moms will definitely appreciate having this gem around! [Available on Amazon]

3. Swaddle Blankets

Multiple moms mentioned swaddle blankets as an absolute necessity, and recommended brand Aden + Anais as one of the best. One of the qualities that makes muslin swaddle blankets so versatile is the breathable fabric designed to help soothe baby when they’re fussy or need to sleep. [Available on Amazon]

Gifts for Soon-to-Be Moms | Creative Savings

4. Onesies

Onesies are a momma’s staple. Make your own or grab a store-bought set. Here’s where you have permission to go cute-crazy, since baby will most likely need multiple outfit changes per day! [Available on Amazon Boys | Girls

5. Baby Wipes

Nothing else will quite wipe a bottom like baby wipes will, and they can be used for so many other things too. Conquer spit-up on clothes, stains on car seats, or use just to wipe sticky hands. [Available on Amazon]

6. Boppy

A boppy makes nursing a whole lot easier and adds support so you don’t have to readjust. Moms can also use it to “prop” the baby up when they need to have their hands free. {Available on Amazon]Gifts for Soon-to-Be Moms | Creative Savings

7. Nursing Pads

Disposable nursing pads create a lot of waste, and you have to keep buying them. Get a reusable set that can be washed over and over again, and round out the gift with a package of nipple cream. [Available on Amazon]

8. Burp Cloths

You can buy burp cloths pretty much anywhere, but if you have scrap pieces of fabric lying around, try making them yourself and give your shower gift a handmade touch! The Thinking Closet has a fantastic tutorial for beginner seamstresses that is super easy to follow.

Gifts for Soon-to-Be Moms | Creative Savings

9. Favorite Baby Books

Do you have a favorite baby book from when you were little, or one that you loved reading to your babies? Choose a selection to help momma build her home library and encourage the love of reading in the next generation. [Available on Amazon]


10. Older Outfits

A few moms mentioned how much they enjoyed receiving outfits for when the baby grew a little bit older. Everyone gets excited over cute baby clothes, but babies grow! Give them a few clothes to look forward to in the coming months and years, like these versatile onesies.

11. Gift Cards

Let new moms choose what they want with a gift card! This lets them snag a few of the items left on their registry and is very much appreciated. You could also give a restaurant gift card so they’ll have more time to snuggle with their baby and don’t have to think as much about meals.


12. “Pamper Mom” Gift Basket

Moms always want to feel loved, and they sure deserve it after growing a baby for 9 months! Put together a “Pamper Mom” gift basket with lotions, a candle, nail polish, magazines, and an inspirational book. Don’t forget the chocolate!

Gifts for Soon-to-Be Moms | Creative Savings

Honorable Mentions:

And just to make sure I didn’t forget anyone that helped contribute this post {THANK YOU!}, here’s a few honorable mentions to follow up the main 12.

  • Diaper Creams
  • Gas Drops
  • Plates, Spoons, Sippy Cups
  • Personalized Baby Gear
  • Moby Wrap
  • Lovey
  • Book: The Baby Whisperer
  • Book: Babyhood

I know I probably missed something in this list — babies need and use a lot of stuff! So what are your must-have or recommended items for new moms? Share them in the comments below and lets give soon-to-be mommas a baby shower full of items they will actually use….and want!

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What other items do you recommend for new moms?

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  1. How about a gift card for mom and dad for a dinner and movie after baby is born? Attach a coupon for one free night of babysitting with grandma! (Can you tell I’m a grandma?!)

    1. Great ideas, Brenda! Especially the free babysitting! That’s a win, win, win! Mom and dad get a date night, you get quality time with your grandbaby, and the grandbaby gets quality time with you!

  2. Good list. There are things on here that I would be okay with not getting, but a good list regardless.

    When shopping for a baby shower, I ALWAYS get diapers, wipes, and desitin. I then get a few items off of the baby registry. Bottles, milk bags, nipple cream, and different sized nipples are always helpful too.

  3. As a soon to be mom who has purchased several things already and done a ton of research on what I’ll actually need; I hope that the first thought would be to check out their registry first.

    1. That is absolutely true, Heidi! I know I mentioned the registry under #11 but you are right! If the mom-to-be has one it should be your first stop.

  4. Thx for ur list! I have had great success with a bag of baby shampoos, lotions, wipes n dishes all from Dollar Tree. I started including a pamper mom set last year with Udder Cream, polish n bath set. Glad to see others doing this too. Coupons for diapers n older clothes later on are good suprises.

  5. Newborn t-shirts need to be on the list. Nowadays it’s recommended to let the umbilical cord air dry those first few weeks and a onesie doesn’t help with that. I didn’t know this until taking a parenting class at the hospital so all those newborn onesies I aalready had didn’t end up being used. Plus, newborn diapers have that line that turns blue when wet. You can’t see it when baby is in a onesie and for a new parent getting the hang of diaper changes, that blue line is incredibly helpful!

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