Day 2: Connecting Gifts With Personality {Finding the Perfect Gift Series}


I’ll never forget my first lesson in personality traits. I was working at summer camp, and it was part of our staff training ritual. I didn’t understand why at first, but after 8 weeks of being in close proximately to one another, I knew.

We had to understand each others traits, in order to succeed, work together, and get along.

The same concept can be applied to our gift buying. Wouldn’t you rather buy a gift you know would be appreciated because you understand what means the most to them? I sure don’t want to spend time and money on a gift that is quickly thrown in the garage sale box.

Four basic personality traits

What I’m about to share is certainly not unique with me. In fact, you may have seen it floating around elsewhere, perhaps under a different name.

Let’s call them, the boxes.

Each box gives a name to the type of personality we’re dealing with, along with four adjectives that describe them best. The thing about people though, is that we’re all different, and may exhibit traits outside of our box.

But for sake of simplicity, let’s assume each one of your friends and family sits quietly – or not, if they’re an Expressive –  inside the box that most defines them.

You still with me after our little psychology lesson? Here’s where it gets interesting, and if we’re honest, a little bit entertaining.

I’ve pulled two or three generic gift ideas for each personality trait. Take note.

For the Analytical personality

  • Techie gadgets will keep Analyticals entertained for hours. If you’re looking for something other than an iPad or Kindle, you can find some pretty cool stuff at Brookstone. And with the ability to search by price point, you’ll be able to find something for every budget.
  • Analyticals are commonly readers, so a book on a topic of interest to them will be very well received. If you’re not sure what they enjoy, buy a gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble so they can pick out their next read themselves.
  • Typically, Analyticals hate clutter and disorganization. Buy them some organizational supplies like containers, labels, or post-it notes and we will love you. {grin}

For the Driver personality

  • If you’re not sure what the Driver wants, just ask! They’re probably going to tell you. Make sure you get the exact specifications though. Drivers won’t hesitate to exchange it for something they want.
  • If you’re still afraid you’ll pick wrong, buy a gift card. That way, the Driver can pick out exactly what’s on their list. No guessing game there.

For the Amiable personality

  • Buy the Amiable whatever you want, because they’re not going to tell you it’s a bad gift. They will always be very gracious and accepting of whatever you give them.
  • If you’re wanting to put a little bit more thought into it, any sentimental or handmade item will do. Gifts from the heart will make Amiables melt, and it makes you feel really good on the inside too.

For the Expressive personality

  • Expressives are typically into fashion, style, and social excursions. Buy them a shiny new accessory such as, a glittery scarf or necklace/earring set.
  • However, don’t spend a lot of time or money on a gift for an Expressive. They’ll probably break it, or lose it quickly.
  • Third, gift the Expressive with cold hard cash. That way, they can spend it however they want, without a Driver trying to control their purchases.

Isn’t it funny how different we all are?

Next time your visiting with a friend, or talking with a family member, try to associate them with one of these four basic personality traits. It gives you a good place to start, especially if you have no clue what to buy them for Christmas!

Which box do you see yourself in?



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  1. Kalyn, this was a super helpful post! I’m already done with my gifts for this year…but I will tuck this away to refer to with upcoming birthdays!

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