75 Book Lovers Gift Ideas for Those Who Are Obsessed With Reading

It’s no secret how much of a book nerd I am.

I love everything about the reading experience.

The smell, the bookish data tracking, the getting lost in a plot line that completely sweeps me into another time and place… it’s the absolute best way to wind down at night!

I’m sure you can think of at least one family member or friend who is the same, yes?

If that’s the case, shopping for them will be a breeze with these 75 creative picks.

I know that’s kind of a lot, but you’re bound to find something from this lineup,. There’s so many cute items to choose!

From reading journals, cozy tees and sweatshirts to much-needed accessories and subscriptions, every item is guaranteed to please that book lover on your list.

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The Best Book Lovers Gift Ideas (75 Options!)

Bookish Sweatshirt

1. Bookish Sweatshirt

Every bookworm needs a cozy sweatshirt for an afternoon of reading! This gift is perfect for any book lover, librarian, or teacher.

Heart shaped leather bookmarks

2. Heart Leather Bookmarks

Waterproof, durable, and soft to the touch, how can you resist a set of these adorable, yet practical bookmarks?

Book Lovers Phone Case

3. iPhone Book Case

This artistic, classy bookish themed phone cover adds a stylish, creative touch to your any mobile device.

book themed library today

4. Library Tote

Tuck a stack of books or any book-themed gift inside this durable tote. As an added bonus, your favorite bookworm can use the “packaging” to carry home her next library haul!

Bibliophile poster

5. Bibliophile Printable

Readers love to be inspired, and something that inspires almost as much as a good book is a book-themed art print. Perfect for any reading nook!

I'd rather be reading essays from Anne Bogel

6. I’d Rather Be Reading

If you know someone where reading is their lifestyle, they will adore this delightful collection of bookish essays from popular book blogger, Anne Bogel.

Kindle Paperwhite

7. Kindle Paperwhite

Give the gift that stores hundreds of titles in one travel-friendly tool! The glare-free screen reads just like paper.

Read Books Mug

8. “Read Books” Mug

Where there’s a book, there’s never a steaming cup of coffee or tea far behind! Gift your book lover this chic design, then pair it with a favorite drink and/or gift card if you have a bigger budget.

Reading Journal

9. Reading Journal

With room for 104 book reviews, this aesthetic journal offers a structured space to record everything you love or don’t love about a book.

Book Journaling Notebook

10. Book Journaling Notebooks

Or you can keep it simple with a lined notebook from Rifle Paper (their covers are stunning!) Your recipient can keep track of her “To-Be-Read” list, take notes while reading, or start writing her own best-seller.

Personalized Book Embosser

11. Personalized Book Embosser

This beautiful embosser lets your favorite book lover add their name to their favorite books so that the books can alway find their way home after being loaned to another book lover friend! This is classy and elegant.

Read Embroidered Pillow

12. Read Pillow

Stylish and comfortable, this accent pillow gives a pop of color to a favorite reading chair or nook as well as adding a level of cozinessile they curl up with their latet book.

Remote Page Turner for electronic reading devices

13. Remote Page Turner

If you want a gift to delight your techy book lover’ heart- or a gift to make page turning on electronic devices more accessible to all readers – this remote page turner is clever and fun to use! It works on multiple platfroms, and is sleek and easy to transport.

Ember Smart Mug

14. Ember Smart Mug

This smart mug will keep a favorite hot beverage the perfect temperature for the entirety of a reading binge. And we all know there’s nothing better than books and hot beverages!

Jane Austen boxed set

15. Jane Austen Book Set

This beautiful set of Jane Austen’s classic novels make for a statement piece in any home library. The designs on the spine are exquisit, but the covers? Absolute perfection.

Neck Reading Light

16. Neck Reading Light

If you know a booklover who likes to catch up on their favorite series at night, this is the gift for them. With multiple brightness levels, this booklight makes reading in low light settings easy.

Sticky Tab for Annotation

17. Sticky Tabs for Annotation

For the avid annotator, these high end book tabs are the perfect gift. They are water proof, translucent so you can see the book’s text beneath them, and you can use a pen or a pencil to write on them.

Bookshelf Puzzle

18. Bookshelf Puzzle

Settle in with an audiobook, and put together this bookish puzzle. With stunning details of plants and books, it’s a great way to fill a winter evening while listening to a favorite book.

Bookshop Gift Card

19. Bookshop Gift Card

Support independant booksellers and give your booklover the gift of picking out their next favorite read. This gift card can be redeemed and used towards any BookShop store online.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Throw

20. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Throw

This is one of the softest blankets ever! It is absolutely the perfect thing to curl up under while reading. It won’t shrink, pill or wrinkle when washed and always stays as soft as it was the day you got it. For the cozy lovers, this is an excellent gift choice.

Box of Books Subscription

21. Box of Books Subscription

This is a gift that is sure to delight any booklover. Each month, a box of bookish goodies tailored to whatever preferences you select, and at least two new books to dive into arrives. No two boxes are the same!

Kindle Holder

22. Kindle Holder

This stand allows for free hands to work on a craft project or exercise routine while keeping your books accessible. This is flexible and can attach to a varity of surfaces. A great choice for someone who wants to keep their hands busy while they read!

Book Propping Bath Caddy

23. Bath Caddy Tray

At the end of a stressful week, give the gift of relaxation with this premium wooden bath caddy. With a stand to prop up a book or electronic reading device and spots for some extra treats, any exhausted booklover will enjoy a soothing soak in the tub with a good book to unwind.

Book Nook Shrine

24. Book Nook

Create the perfect place for reading essentials with this little “book shrine”. Not only does it save the page, but has a spot for a favorite mug and glasses or a pen for annotation. It’d make a great besdie the bed item for any book lover!

Bookish Stickers for gifting

25. Bookish Stickers

If you want to add a little bit of bookish flare to any gift, try tucking in a couple book themed stickers. These can be put on waterbottles, reading devices, turned into bookmarks or even fridge magnets. And there are lots to choose from! So order a little stash to keep on hand to tuck in a note or a gift to a book lover now and safe a few for later!

Library cards for loaning books

26. Library Cards

Library cards are trending! These are nostaglic and delightful way to track book lending and nod to our childhood school library experience.

Rifle Paper Book Mug

27. Rifle Paper Mug

Stylish and comfortable, this accent pillow gives a pop of color to a favorite reading chair or nook as well as adding a level of cozinessile they curl up with their latet book.

Stet Language Nerd Game

28. Stet Game

Perfect for lovers of the English language and classic literature, this game hones grammar skills and is a blast in the process. The sentences are hysterical and it makes for a great way to spend a rainy night.

Book Themed Enamel Pin Set

29. Enamel Pin Set

Let them say they’re a book lover without saying it. These pins are perfect for adding to a bag or jacket to give it just the right amount of bookish touch.

Socks to Support Literacy

30. Socks That Give Books

This is such an incredible idea. Conscious Step Socks partners with a variety of important causes and lets the profits from your chosen purchase support that cause. In this case, give the gift of a pair of socks “as comfortable as rereading your favorite book”, and support Room to Read in providing literacy opportunities to those who don’t have them. (Get $15 off with this link, as well!)

Midliner Highlighters

31. Favorite Highlighters

Water resistant and quick drying no bleed ink in these bright, yet soft colors make midliner highlighters a top choice for bibliophiles who want to call out quotes or remember their favorite parts in the books they read.

One More Chapter Tee

32. One More Chapter Tee

Ever heard “Just one more chapter”? This shirt says it all with this nod to the phrase often used by booklovers.

Comfortable Neck Support Pillow

33. Neck Pillow

Keeping one of these on hand allows for comfortable reading in your favorite reading spot, in the car, or anywhere, really! With lots of colors to choose from, this makes an fun additon to any bookish gift.

Super soft cozy pjs

34. Cozy PJ Set

For the librocubicularist in your life, these pajamas are soft, silky and a “moves with you” kind of knit to make those recharging hours of reading in bed perfectly comfortable.

customizeable book ornament

35. Customized Book Ornament

These ornaments filled with tiny books are trending and for a good reason. Look how cute they are! You can grab a list of your book loving friend or partners favorite books, or top reads of the year and have this ornament customized to include those covers. How fun!

Blind Date With A Book gift set

36. Blind Date with a Book

This has to be one of the best gift ideas ever. Pick a genre, add your customizations and a blind date with a book will be created as a perfect gift.

37. Glass Cup

Keeping hydrated is so important. And it’s so much more fun to drink your beverage of choice in this adorable cup that lets everyone know that all of the free space is reserved for books.

personalized magnetic bookmark

38. Personalized Bookmark

You can have these bookmarks customized with the birthflower and the name of your favorite bookworm. It’s a fun, personalized touch to tuck into their most wanted book for their TBR pile!

Dainty Book Necklace

39. Dainty Book Necklace

This necklace is stylish and bookish, making it a great choice for any outfit to subtly nod to our favorite hobby. This is a great gift choice for a booklover who also loves pretty accessories!

Literary Themed Candles

40. Literary Candle

This is an entire collection of candles pairing delightful fragrances with favorite quotes from favorite classic authors. You can pick from names like Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain and even William Shakespear. Each chandle has a signature scent and highlights the author’s work and beloved quotes.

Coffee Table Book Lover's Treasury

41. Coffee Table Book

This is a perfect book for booklovers because it features all the things booklovers delight in. From photo tours of the world’s most beautiful bookstores to lists of great reads to try and recipes based on famous fictional meals from all genres, there is an endless treasury of wonderful book related things in a conversation worthy book for guest rooms or coffee tables.

Weighted page holder for books

42. Weighted Bookmark

These weighted bookmarks have a non slip coating for hands free reading. It would be great for study and reference books or any heavy book you want to be able to glance at without loosing your place!

library themed stanley cup

43. Full Wrap Library Themed Stanley Cup

How pretty is this library bookshelf themed tumbler? This 30 oz Quencher is wrapped with an engraved scene of library shelves and plants. It’s beautiful and soothing. It has an easy to carry grip and a narrow base that fits most cupholders out there. They say that Stanley cups keep your beverage at your desired temperature for hours!

classic book inspired wallets

44. Book Wallet

This wallet is a real statement accessory! With a dozen classic book covers to choose from, well built design and zipper closure, any booklover will be thrilled to tuck a look-a-like to their favorite read into their bag. This creator makes a variety of book related bags and acessories, so you’ll want to check the rest of their shop out, too!

invisible floating bookshelves

45. Invisible Bookshelf

For someone who likes clean, minimalist decor but still wants to display their favorite books, these floating shelves are a great way to do that. With a cleverly designed base and wall attachment, thse really do give the appearance of floating books!

cute book themed clock decor

46. Book Clock

This book clock is the perfect decor touch to add a whimsical touch while keeping it very classy at the same time. This is a great piece to add to a bookshelf or mantle and an excellent gift for a booklover!

gift subscription to kindle unlimited

47. Kindle Unlimited

Give the gift of a virtual dream library with a gift subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This monthly subscription is a game changer for any voracious reader, unlocking almost unlimited books to read in all genres.

Book or Kindle Protective sleeve

48. Book or Kindle Sleeve

I love these cute, protective sleeves to put over my current read or my kindle to keep it safe in my bag or when travelling. With different sizes available, you can pick the one that fits your booklover’s favorite reading device or most common book dimensions!

nerdy book themed pencils

49. Book Nerd Pencil Set

These adorable pencils celebrate the joy of being a book nerd with cute, little sayings sure to bring a smile.

bookmark book tracker

50. Bookmark Book Tracker

This is a fun, creative way to track books read. Write the name and the author on the books as you go and slip the bookmark into the next read in the TBR pile!

wireless earbuds for listening to audiobooks

51. Wireless Earbud for Audiobooks

A quality pair of earbuds can really be a game changer when it comes to listening to audiobooks. I have a pair of these and they are not only affordable but have lasted me a long time! It makes listening to my favorite books or podcasts while on the move so much easier, and is a guaranteed top gift idea for any audiobook lover you know.

Bookish magnetic poetry kit

52. Magnetic Poetry Kit

Create customized, literary themed messages for each other on the fridge with this playful gift that lets you craft sentences out of literary words and phrases and leave them for each other to find. It’s a really fun gift for any occasion!

stylish geometric bookends

53. Geometric Bookends

These stylish bookends make a statement and dress up any bookshelf or space and let favorite volumes stand out in your decor.

Strapicle Ereader holder

54. Strapsicle E-Reader Holder

This unique design gives an exceptional grip to provide a more comofortable reading exprience. No more dropping your kindle or having it slide out of your hand when you’re getting comfortable in your favorite reading spot!

Book Of The Month Club

55. Book of The Month Club

Sign your favorite booklover up for the Book of the Month Club and let them pick from a selection of bet new hardcovers and audiobooks every month. They offer options for 3, 6 and 12 month gift membershps.

Booklover Keychain with wooden and sillicon beads

56. Book Lover Keychain

These adorable boho style inspired keychains are the perfect addition to any booklover’s gift. They make perfect gift toppers or stocking stuffers, as well.

Audible plus gift membership

57. Audible Plus Membership

For booklovers who need hand and eyes free ways to enjoy the books on their TBR pile, Audible can be an excellent solution. You can purchae their most wanted titles outright or sign them up for a subscription that includes an all-you-can-liten-to catalog plus 1 credit good towards any book they’d like to buy forever. And members receive discounts on any other book in the audible system as well.

100 lit chat conversation starters book

58. Lit Chat

Get conversations started with these creative and fun discussion questions that talk about books and your life as it relates to books. With questions about what books make you nostalgic to what you would recommend in various hypothetical situations, this is a great way to engage and keep conversations lively among your reader friends and family.

to 100 books scratch off poster

59. Top 100 Books Scratch off Poster

While the books that should be featured on a top 100 list may be highly debated, this fun, scratch off poster features the 100 books that are most commonly agreed on as timeless book any bibliophile should consider reading in their lifetime. From classic literature to recent best sellers, this list has a wide variety of books and a creative approach to reaching this bookish goal.

cozy wool socks

60. Cozy Wool Socks

Winter reading sessions should always be cozy! And these quality, extremely soft and cozy wool socks by Purrfull are exactly that.

semi customizable book print

61. Semi Personalized Book Print

Create an artisitic rendition of your favorite booklover with this book print. You can customize elements of this print to match your very own booklover and acknowledge that they, too, would much rather be lost in the library than anywhere else.

Book Basket

62. Book Basket

This allows for books to be kept accessible and contained. It’s great for library book stashes or just a collection of books you want to keep within reach of your favorite chair!

Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club Membership

63. Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club Membership

This is the book bestie club that every booklover wants to be in! With exclusive author chats, book discussions, and all the bookish community that we crave, Modern Mrs. Darcy’s book club is perfect for every book nerd who’s looking for their tribe.

soft touch bedside reading lamp

64. Bedside Reading Lamp

Dimmable bedside lamp adjusts it’s brightness at an easy touch. It also has two USB charging ports to let you keep your devices ready to go. It’s perfect for reading nooks and bedside stands!

letter board

65. Letter Board for Book Quotes

Feature all your favorite quotes and sayings from your favorite characters on this easy to change felt letterboard. It comes with over 300 precut, reusable letters and syboms and some fancy lettered key words for emphasis. It’s a great additon to any space where you want to remember the top quotes from your current favorite book.

blue light reducing glasses

66. Blue Light Reading Glasses

If you or your favorite booklover spends a lot of time using screens for work, settling in with your favorite book on your ereader can just add to the eye exhaustion. These glases don’t correct your vision but they do reduce the blue light which gives your eyes a chance to rest while you read.

book lover one more chapter pop socket

67. Pop Socket

I love the color and design on this “just one more chapter” popsocket. If reading is done on your kindle app, this make it easy to hold on to your phone.

comfortable modern accent lounge chair ergonomic

68. Modern Accent Lounge Chair

Create the most comfortable and stylish reading nook by adding in this soft lounge chair and ottoman set. This velvety material is comfortable and cozy, and the ergonomcial design allows you to fit perfectly in the seat and relax with a good book.

Pencil Pouch for ereader

69. Pen Pouch

If annotations and highlighting are your thing, keep your favorite tools handy with this bookaroo pouch. With a variety of colors available, picking the right shade is easy!

Blutetooth Speaker

70. Bluetooth Speaker for Audiobooks

Keep your device in a secure space and control the volume from wherever you are! This is waterproof and has a clip so you can hang it from your bag or backpack as well. Audiobook for everyone!

Electric Tea Kettle with temperature control

71. Electric Tea Kettle

This electric tea kettle has all the cozy vibes making it a great choice for any cozy, bookloving, tea drinking person on your gift list. With temperature control features so they can brew at the correct temperature depending on what tea they are drinking, this makes it easy to always have the perfect cup at hand while they read.

Cozy slippers

72. Cozy Slippers

These slippers– oh my! They are the fluffiest, softest more pillowy clouds of cozy comfort that will keep your feet cozy no matter what you are doing-but especially if you are sitting in your favorite chair with a good book.

tree style bookshelf

73. Tree Bookshelf

This unique bookshelf is a creative, stylish feature for your living room. It lets you keep your favorite books on display in any room you please.

delicate book bracelet

74. Book Bracelet

I love adding touches of things I enjoy to my outfits. This delicate, clasy bracelet features an open book and is a fun way to include your book loving interests in your outfit.

Book gift boxes

75. Cozy Book Gift Boxes

Receiving a box of book themed items is such a treat for any one who loves books. Each month has a different theme and hand picked items that are sure to bring a smile.

Are You a Bookworm Too?

What gifts would you love to find under the tree?

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  1. My sister is giving her five grandchildren gift cards for Barnes and Nobles. They love going there and have fun picking out just the right book! Good ideas.

  2. I have a few book lovers in my family and I never want to pick out books for them. I love these gift ideas, super helpful to this gift giver! Thank you so much. I’m loving the cozy t-shirt and mug idea & maybe the necklace too. – great ideas

  3. I’m a huge book lover and it’s funny because out of all those the one thing I would have never thought of is books lol. I love being able to use my Amazon wishlist for my family so they can see the exact book I want instead of trying to hunt down the author in a bookstore

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