Day 5: Where Free Time and Gifts Make Sense {Finding the Perfect Gift Series}

I promise this is the last psychoanalysis post in this series. Tomorrow, we’ll hit up all the practical stuff and give you simple, efficient, and creative gift ideas.

First of all, why is free time so important in regards to gifting? Because if your lovely recipient can’t actually take the time to enjoy what you’re gifting, then there’s no point in giving it. I’d rather save some money over giving a gift they can’t use.

A couple examples

For instance, say you have a girlfriend who works 40+ hours a week, would love to make dinner from scratch but never has enough time to do so? I would refrain from giving her America’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook that explains how to make your own cheese and grind your own flour.

Instead, give her some of your homemade mixes that she can easily throw together, but taste absolutely scrumptious because they’re not just another frozen dinner.

Moms of babies or tots generally don’t have a lot of time to kill either. Wiping runny noses, chasing after the kiddos, and folding huge piles of laundry don’t necessarily lend themselves to an afternoon of lounging and trying new projects.

But what if we could give gifts that combine the best of both worlds? Making our “right now” job work for us and still have some time to explore our own hobbies?

Play smarter

Here’s where the multitasking gifts come in to play. These can be done anywhere you have a chance to sit down and work on something during nap time, or anytime your sitting for a while in the car. Not while you’re driving, of course. How silly of you to think that.

  • Knitting/Crocheting supplies – I love how Amanda from Always Amanda started knitting during her long commutes, and eventually turned the hobby into her own online shop.
  • Cross-stitching – I like to do this in front of the TV in the wintertime. I can get both my shows, and a project in at the same time.
  • Audiobooks – A perfect pick for those who don’t have time to actually sit and read. You can listen to an audiobook on your commute, while you’re getting ready for the day, folding laundry, or washing dishes.
  • Specialty drinks – A gift that can be enjoyed during any activity, and if you pair it with a cute Tervis, you’re done.
  • iTunes accessories or gift cards – You can listen to music pretty much anytime, anywhere. Again, perfect for commutes.

Are you noticing a trend here?

The idea isn’t to keep cramming a large to-do list into a small amount of time. It’s about making use of the time you have, and doing so wisely.

Still not sure what to get the absolutely-no-free-time-at-all kind of person? Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews might just do the trick.

I’m just kidding. Sort of.

Do you have any other ideas for multi-tasking type gifts?

If you missed any of the other posts, you can catch up on the series landing page.

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