Day 7: The Wonders of a Gift Basket (Finding the Perfect Gift Series)

Gift baskets have such unique potential to become an amazing gift. All you have to do is pick a theme, fill your wicker vessel with coordinating goodies, and tie a big bow. It’s much cheaper then ordering an “already-done-up basket” on the web, or picking one up in the center court of the mall.

Plus, it’s almost as fun shopping for these things as it is giving them, so that’s an added bonus!

You can also translate any of these ideas into other holidays too. Bridal shower baskets, baby shower, graduation, and other special occasions integrate really well into a gift basket.

One of my recent creations

When my supervisor at work decided to retire, some of the office staff and I decided to put together a basket full of her Favorite Things. We added items we knew she would absolutely love and gave her enough project ideas to keep her busy for at least a few years.

Our budget was $30.00, and I came in pretty close to that – $32-$33 to be exact.

Here’s what I put in it and why:

  • Quilting books and fabric quarters – One of the things she wanted to do when she retired, was learn how to quilt.
  • Recipe cards and baking cups – She’s always baking for her grandchildren
  • Note card set – As a nurturing and caring person, she often wrote little notes.
  • A chai scented Woodwick candle – She happened to mention how she liked spicy scents rather than floral ones.

To put together a gift like this, you have to listen, understand stage of life, and totally get their personality. Um, pretty much what our first few posts have talked about!

Want some more ideas for themed gift baskets? I’ll gladly give you a few “recipes”.

1. The world traveler

  • An atlas/road map
  • A mini photo album to put pictures in
  • On-the-go snacky items
  • A touristy type book of a place they’ve always wanted to go
  • Hand-sanitizer
  • Travel sized toiletries

2. The movie lover

3. The baker

  • A new cookbook {I recommend A Passion for Baking}
  • Baking cups
  • A set of mini spatulas
  • Cookie cutters
  • Parchment paper
  • Baking powder/soda, cream of tarter, or cinnamon {packaged cutely of course.}

4. The book lover

  • Amazon gift card
  • Bookmark
  • Personalized book stamp
  • A mini notebook for recording thoughts
  • Specialty drink mix and mug
  • A book…or two

5. The sports addict

6. The foodie

  • A food memoir {The Deliberate Reader has reviewed quite a few}
  • Jams and jellies
  • Crackers
  • Anything in the international aisle of your grocery store
  • A new kitchen gadget

7. The outdoorsey family

  • Field guide
  • Trail mix and granola bars
  • S’more makings
  • Bug spray
  • Brochures of local trails

8. Ice cream mania

  • Fudge and caramel toppings
  • Sprinkles
  • Nuts
  • Waffle cones
  • Grocery store gift card

Ok, I have to stop now. The more I sit here, the more ideas keep coming – and I know you don’t have all day. Plus, my mouth is watering over that ice cream one.

If you want to do up a gift basket, remember to first pick a budget, then a theme, and go have some fun shopping!

What sort of baskets have you done as gifts?

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  1. So I’m reading down through the list “oohing” and “ahhing” over your ideas and then I hit the “Book Lover” basket and I’m like…..I WANT ONE!!!! LOL! It was like torture just reading about it! πŸ˜‰ Love all your ideas…the ice cream one…& then the mentioned coffee one would be my next faves. You know…you could make a blogger basket! Cute pens, a notebook, calendar, coffee house gift card….

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