Day 9: Last Minute Gift Ideas {Finding the Perfect Gift Series}

It’s less than a week until Christmas – are you ready?!

If not, I’ve a compiled a list of last minute gift ideas to help you out. They may not win you gift-giver of the year, but at least you won’t be empty handed. Plus, if you do it right, they can still be really thoughtful.

Go consumable

I know, I know, we already eat so much during the holidays, but that’s what freezers are for.

  • Pick up some candies and add them to a cute mason jar.
  • Bake homemade bread, or create a mix so they can bake their own. Here’s the recipe to my delicious carrot bread.
  • Get them all cookied out by making up a tray of your baked goods just for them.
  • If you’ve canned a few jams and jellies over the summer, grab some from your pantry and share.
  • Spread the love of your local bakery and gift a few extraordinary treats.

Whatever you do, I wouldn’t suggest grabbing a prepackaged tray of cookies or a mug/cocoa set from Walmart. Well, at least take it out of packaging and arrange it yourself.

Gift cards

The older generation may think gift cards are impersonal, but for my age and my peers’, it can often be the perfect gift. Plus, it’s super easy to pick up last minute.

Gas cards will be used by everyone, and a mall gift card from their local shopping plaza will give them a plethora of options to choose.

Make sure you pick a card from a store where you know they shop! Amazon is almost always a safe bet.

Think gender-specific

If you’re completely lost in the gift giving arena, go straight to the boy/girl stereotypes. Might not be politically correct, but it sure helps you quickly pick out a gift.

For the girls,

  • Necklace/earring sets are usually good prices at Kohls.
  • Lotions and candles from Bath & Body are pretty much an accepted staple.
  • OPI or Essie nail polish, but only because they’re my favorite brands.

For the guys,

  • Tie/dress shirt sets, but make sure they actually wear these more than at weddings or funerals.
  • Scarf/glove sets if they live in the North.
  • A computer gadget from Best Buy or Staples.

Product catalogs

Time is of the essence, and if you still can’t get to a store, here’s what you can do.

Find your local direct sales rep for your favorite product and they’ll gladly give you a catalog and a list of the latest specials. All you need to do is gift the catalog with a price point, and let your recipient pick out something for herself.

Some of my favorites,

Not only does this eliminate the guesswork, you’re also supporting a local business.

Shopping last minute can be stressful at times, but just a little thought can make the quickest gift one of the best.

Do you have any go-to last minute ideas?

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  1. Packaged cookie dough rolled into cookie balls and nicely packaged is a nice gift that they can enjoy later.

    Mary Kay’s nail polish is a favorite of mine 🙂

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