9 Quick and Easy Organizing Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend (or Less!)

In as little as weekend, you can easily organize these areas of your home to create a cozy, more streamlined space. Which one of these weekend projects will you try first?
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Do you ever procrastinate starting weekend projects because you assume it will take a long time to finish?

That’s how I felt about my office area.

We’ve lived in an RV for two years now and for just about that long I’ve sensed a need to arrange a few things differently.

Some items I reach for often were hiding in a cabinet. Other items I rarely used at all were taking up precious space in my desk drawers. And when I didn’t know where to put something, I stuffed it in any random place I could find.

So on a weekend we spent entirely at home (no travel or sightseeing days), I pulled everything out of my office and decluttered with a vengeance. In no time at all, I had reorganized everything back in a better place!

I even filmed an Instagram Reel so you can see the process.

Because this project took less time than I originally thought, I wondered what other organizing feats could easily make it onto a list of weekend projects.

Here’s the list you can use as inspiration for the next time you have (or plan!) a weekend to yourself!


1. Pantry Organization

Spend some time clearing out expired food (or food you don’t think you’ll ever use) and consider purchasing clear containers which will get rid of extra packaging. Not only do clear containers give your pantry a cohesive look, many stack nicely on top of one another to create extra space.

After testing two types of containers (and immediately returning them), I settled on this Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage set. I also picked up these larger containers for my flour, sugar, and pasta.

2. Fridge/Freezer Organization

After organizing your pantry, you can give your fridge and freezer the same treatment. After throwing out freezer burnt and/or expired food, grab a couple plastic bins to sort your veggies, fruits, bread products, etc. I also have bins for nuts and baking chips.

I love being able to grab a bin and find what I need on the counter. It saves me rummaging around the fridge or freezer letting out all that cold air!

3. Jewelry Organization

If you’ve collected costume pieces or hand-me-down jewelry over the years, declutter what you don’t love and don’t wear anymore, then invest in a different storage option if you don’t like the way everything looks right now (or if your necklaces get tangled easily).

I don’t own a lot of jewelry (it’s one way I eliminate decision fatigue), so I keep earrings and handful of rings in a smaller case while my necklaces hang inside a cabinet door. All I did was line the inside with contact paper and attach dollar store sticky hooks.

Instant storage!

4. Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

Ugh. That awkward area under the kitchen sink can present a real challenge. But you can still streamline all your kitchen essentials while keeping them in easy reach. And I promise it is possible to complete this project on a weekend afternoon.

I used a mix of cleaning buckets, bins, and a two-drawer acrylic stackable container to hold my sponges and dishwasher pacs. I completed this project while we were living in a previous home. I only wish I had a dishwasher in the RV!

5. Receipt Organization

If you don’t have a system for your receipts yet, you can steal mine.

All you need is one jar (you probably have one around your house somewhere). Place that jar near the door or in a spot where you’ll see it easily. Then every time you come home from the store, make it a habit to tuck your receipts in this jar right away.

Then you need a system to process them. I use You Need a Budget because all my purchases come in automatically. I just compare them to the receipt, split the receipt between multiple categories if needed, then either throw the receipt away or save it in an accordion file if I might need it for a return.

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6. Junk Drawer Organization (or any drawer, really!)

Almost everyone has a junk drawer. You know—that drawer that houses all your misfits (rubber bands, scissors, takeout menus, etc.) because you have no idea where to organize what’s inside.

I think it’s perfectly fine to have one of these drawers, as long as they look neat and tidy. So this is one of my favorite weekend projects! Small drawer dividers and bins will do the trick. But also make it a habit to declutter this drawer every few months. Because it’s a home for misfits, it can easily become a home for unnecessary clutter too.

More tips on organizing junk drawers here.

7. Closet Organization

Any closet is up for grabs as a weekend organizing project. You can choose a bedroom closet, linen closet, or coat closet. If you’re having trouble deciding which one to tackle first, think about what area frustrates you the most right now and would significantly improve your home life.

With closets, I find it helpful to pull everything out so you start with a clean slate. Then declutter what you don’t wear or use anymore to donate, while organizing the rest into containers or onto hangers.

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8. Organize Your Desktop

You don’t have to organize every file on your computer (that might take more than one weekend!), but create a simple organization system so you can file what you need to save.

And of course, send everything you don’t need into the digital trash bin.

You might consider a pretty desktop background to inspire this project. My background reminds me of my word of the year along with photos that represent that word to me. Because I have a designated “space” for file folders, it incentivizes me to keep my desktop clean!

FYI: I created my background in Canva.

9. Organize Your Decorating Ideas in a Binder

I know, I know. Why would you do this if you already use Pinterest?

Because if you’re anything like me, you’ve saved hundreds of ideas. Digital saving is easy. Paper saving is much more intentional because it takes up more space. Plus, if you’ve kept your house paint colors and fabric swatches, you need a spot to house these for future reference.

I go into all the details on how to create a decorating binder HERE.

In as little as weekend (or less!), you can easily organize these areas of your home to create a cozy, more streamlined space. Which one will you try first?

Have a Little More Time to Organize?

You could tackle these projects:

Which project do you want to tackle this weekend?

We can chat all about your ideas in the comments!

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