How to Cut Your Bullet Journaling Time in Half (With Printables!)

Love the idea of bullet journaling but feel terrified at the thought of customizing (or drawing) your own layouts? You are going to love this bullet journal printable hack!
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I've been wanting to try bullet journaling for years now but two things have held me back: I can't draw and I don't have the time to learn (much less the time to re-draw everything every day/week/month). But this changes everything! Not only are all these printables GORGEOUS, they're available to download from this library. Quick. Easy. Convenient. I'm a believer. #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalprintables #bulletjournalprintable

Late last year, I settled on a weekly layout in my bullet journal that I drew over and over again because it worked SO well. Normally, I don’t continue the same layout for more than a few months (unless maybe for savings trackers), because I get bored, life changes, etc.

But this one checked all my productivity boxes—especially my favorite hack, time-blocking!

bullet journal printables in action

That’s when it hit me: if I was using the same layout all the time, then there was no reason to keep creating it from scratch.

I could use a bullet journal printable instead.

I found that not only did creating these printables allow me to focus exclusively on my schedule and what I needed to accomplish that week, I also saved at least 5-10 minutes drawing the structure for it. Yay for shortcuts!

blank bullet journal printable

New to bullet journaling? Read Bullet Journaling 101: Everything You Need to Know to catch up.

But a bullet journal printable does more than just save you time.

It will also:

  • Give you a chance to try creative layouts—ones you don’t have to come up with (or recreate) yourself!
  • Allow you to customize your planner and easily switch things up when you get bored.
  • Keep your bullet journal looking fab, even if you can’t draw a straight line!

If you’ve resisted hopping on (or staying on!) the bullet journaling train because you’ve been concerned about the time it takes to set up OR you don’t feel creative enough to come up with your own layouts, bullet journal printables are about to revolutionize your planning life.

bullet journal printables

Here’s how to use them based on the type of notebook you have so they fit perfectly on any page!

1. In a Bound Notebook

A bullet journal printable is easier to insert into a three-ring or disc-bound notebook, but they totally work in a bound notebook too.

There are three ways to add a printable to a bound notebook:

  • Print the layout on sticker paper and trim to fit. Then all you have to do is peel and stick the printable onto the page! I love using Avery Shipping Labels for half size sheets.
  • Print on regular printer paper and adhere to the page with a pretty strip of washi tape or a tape runner.
  • Print on regular printer paper, place behind the page you want to use, and trace. This is for anyone who wants structure but doesn’t want to add extra pages to their notebook.
bullet journal printable in a bullet journal
Printed on a sticker sheet
mood tracker bullet journal printable
Added with washi tape
mood tracker bullet journal printable traced into a bullet journal
Traced onto a notebook page

2. In a Disc-Bound Notebook

A disc-bound notebook features a front and back cover that are connected by metal or plastic discs. This allows you to fold the notebook back on itself as well as easily add or take out various pages.

bookshelf bullet journal printable

If you use this bullet journaling system, I recommend you purchase a pack of 32lb paper for extra stability. This paper is thicker than regular printer paper, but not as thick or unwieldy as card stock.

Print your printable onto this paper and trim based on the size notebook you have. Then you’ll need to punch it with this special hole punch and it’s ready to insert!

3. In a 3-Ring Binder

A 3-ring binder is very similar to a disc-bound notebook. You can’t fold it back on itself, but you can easily add and take away printables as well as rearrange what goes inside.

Plus, there are so many cute options to choose from!

mini binder options

1. Black & White | 2. Nicole | 3. Floral  | 4. Geometric | 5. Marble

Print your printable onto the same thick paper I mentioned above and trim (if needed) to fit inside your binder. While I prefer the half size mini binders, you can certainly use a full letter size for extra room to write.

Where to find bullet journal printables

Once you begin searching, you can find bullet journal printables all over the Internet—some are free on Pinterest (but it takes a lot time to find specific layouts!) while others are offered for individual purchase on Etsy.

But the easiest and most affordable way to find them is inside the newly launched Brainbook Printable Library.

This digital library is an online membership that features dozens of unique printables specifically designed (and sized!) for your bullet journal. Each section is meticulously organized—you’ll find layouts by month, week, and day, as well as various lists and collections sorted by topic.

Brainbook Bullet Journal Printable Library
bullet journal printables

To get access, you can opt for a Quarterly, Annual, or Lifetime Membership. With new printables added every Tuesday, you’ll never run out of layouts to try!

Plus, I have filmed several helpful tutorial videos that will show you exactly how to download these printables, adjust your printer settings for the clearest print, and print double-sided to save space.

Learn more about The Brainbook Printable Library HERE.

The ultimate planning system just got better

I still believe bullet journaling is the absolute best planning system out there—the only system that will work for everyone in every stage of life because it’s so flexible!

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a creative rut or short on time, you can still maintain a bullet journal. Printables open up the door to hundreds of possibilities so you can build your own customized planner without all the effort.

Best of all, you don’t have to create them yourself!

Visit The Brainbook Printable Library to learn more. You’re going to love it!

Have you ever used a bullet journal printable before?

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  1. I’m so excited to try this! One more reason I’m glad I switched to a Tul notebook…so much easier to print and pop in the the pages. I took a break from drawing my spreads and am just using the Tul calendar pages and lined note pages, but this will help get me back into the more fun side of bullet journaling, without the time drawbacks!

    1. I get this 100%!

      I love being creative with my journals – but then there are days (or weeks if I’m being honest) when I just want to speed up the planning process as much as possible. 🙂 But I want to “cut corners” without having scribbles.

  2. You are amazing, Kalyn! I LOVE my bullet journal and have never thought seriously of using printables until now. I still like drawing as an outlet for me, but I am so impressed by your idea to provide printables for those who are intimidated by the bullet journal process. Yay for bullet journals – however you journal! 🙂

    1. Kristen, I really appreciate your last sentence. The bullet journaling purists out there scoff at the idea of using printables, and that’s OK! They have the system that works for them. And then there are others who just love starting with a blank page and ending up with a piece of art. That’s OK too! And it’s ok to be somewhere in the middle.

  3. You hit the nail on the head! I love the concept of bullet journaling but just couldn’t get layouts done. Every planner I have, has space that is unused and then things are missing.
    This may be the ticket!

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